REVIEW Vita Liberata Body Blur

Vita Liberata Body Blur
Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras – Unsplash

I bought a tube of Vita Liberata Body Blur (in shade Café Crème) way back in 2019. It was left, unopened and untouched until this year.

I remember looking at the tube and wondering what on earth I was thinking buying this shade. Café Crème is true to its namesake and does indeed looks like a particularly inviting Café au lait, but whose skin – especially my pale, milk bottle white skin is this colour?


The original Instagram filter in a tube for instantly glowing and gorgeous skin. Thanks to its revolutionary technology this organic body makeup minimizes blemishes, covers imperfections and smooths skin for an HD-ready skin finish.

Minimises blemishes, covers imperfections and smooths the skin’s appearance while reflecting light for a photo-ready skin finish.

The natural-looking tint lifts your skin tone, adding radiance and a healthy-looking glow that can be showered off when you choose. Perfect for use on the face either alone or under foundation as the ultimate makeup prep or use on the body for flawless skin all over.

  • Body Blur TM technology covers imperfections such as bruises, veins and small scars
  • Light-reflecting particles for a radiant glow
  • Water and transfer-resistant
  • Washes off when you choose
  • Vegan and cruelty-free


Using a mitt (or bare hands – or a brush), apply small dots across your skin and blend in long circular movements. Use sparingly.


I can’t believe I was happy with Sally Hansen Airbrush Glow to give my pasty legs a touch of colour and cover up the weird blemishes that appear overnight as we age. The two products, although similar in concept, are miles apart.

Body Blur is quick and easy to apply. You have time to blend this creamy makeup before it sets and it doesn’t go patchy. Some of these instant make-up products dry so fast it leaves streaks if you go over an area again, this one doesn’t.

This has to be the product celebs and reality tv stars use on Instagram to achieve that perfect, even skinned, filterlike glow (before they slap on a filter).

But what if you’re an older woman who wants to cover up spider veins and random blotches? Does it work then? Well, yes. It evens out the skin beautifully, minor imperfections just disappear.


Café Crème is perfect if you have a light olive skin tone – although I think it’s had a name change and is now called Latte Light.

Lightly tanned or darker skin tones will love the other two shades. I’ve seen them in-store and they’re very natural looking.

EDIT There’s a new shade called Dark Mocha for black skin. So that’s Latte Light, Latte, Latte Dark and Dark Mocha.

The finish is halfway between subtle sheen and glow. I was far too heavy-handed with the application the first time I used it and my legs had a kind of alien look to them. I also didn’t care for the slightly shiny finish. Although to be fair, if I was 20 or 30 then Body Blur applied to shoulders, arms and legs would look spectacular.

My solution (because this is not a cheap product) was not only to apply it with a lighter hand but also dust a matte bronzer on top. This was a revelation and produced a natural-looking even colour. It also helped to lock in the product and it didn’t budge after two (no soap, just warm water) showers. If you don’t scrub it off, it won’t come off.

Because my natural skin tone is very light, I really needed to use the bronzer to transform the colour and cut down the sheen. But now I will buy the middle shade, Latte (as it’s on offer) and mix the two shades together as we head full-on into summer.


It didn’t transfer onto clothes, sandals or sheets and didn’t streak in a torrential downpour which I was very grateful for.


Perfect for young and old(er) people – men can use this too as there’s no discernable fragrance, just be sure to nail the shade!


Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish Organic Body Makeup 100ml £29.95 – But you shouldn’t have to pay that price.

Boots is selling shade Latte only, for £19.96 *

Look Fantastic is selling all shades (including Dark Mocha) for £23.66 *


There’s an official Vita Liberata video on YouTube – search for Vita Liberata Body Blur Before And After in Latte where a woman is applying it with a brush, it looks very natural and flawless.

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