REVIEW Trish McEvoy Finish Line GAME CHANGER!

Trish McEvoy Finish Line

You don’t know it yet, but if you wear eyeshadow, then you absolutely NEED this product! It’s still only the second week of January, but this is my find of the year. Until next month.

Trish’s Finish Line is an alcohol-free, waterproof formula mixes effortlessly with powder shadows to create the look of a liquid liner or seal colour for longest-lasting wear.

In a nutshell, it’s a clear liquid that transforms ANY powder eyeshadow into eyeliner.


For intensity and long-wear of eyeshadow or liner, place a small amount of Finish Line into the colour and blend to a thick paste.

Test the texture on the back of your hand—it should have a dense consistency.


Do not let the dropper come into contact with the eyeshadow. Make sure the dropper is high enough away from the shadow when you dispense those 2 drops.  This is a personal thing, but I think it would ‘contaminate’ the liquid and make it go cloudy and ruin it. I certainly wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t clear.

If you’re over 25 (or perhaps 30), then do not apply a line of shimmery eyeshadow anywhere near the inner corner area. Finish Line will transform the faintest hint of a frost eyeshadow into a full on liquid metal mode – stunning for the young ones, but not flattering at all on mature eyes, every crease in that corner (and the older you get, the more the lines show up anyway), will be magnified – you know I’m talking from personal experience of course – it was murder to take it off as well, I was scrubbing away with a cotton wool ear bud and it just wasn’t budging!


At the moment, I’m using Finish line with Mac’s Gleam eyeshadow. A medium thick line on my upper eyelid close to the lashes, ‘pops’ my eyes and makes them look brighter. I used to apply the line with water mixed with Gleam, but the effect wore off very quickly. Now I know that with Finish Line, once it’s on, it’s there all day.

I also apply a thin line of Gleam to my lower lashes (with a soft line of Mac Stubborn Brown eye pencil on top). There are a lot of shimmery eye pencils about and I rate NYX Cashmere (review) and Sparkle Nude (review) highly, but the jumbo size of the ‘lead’ mean that you can’t always control the thickness of the line on your lower lid.

NYX Sparkle Nude 625 Jumbo Eye Pencil

It IS expensive, but bear in mind, you’re only using mere drops of product. Actually, I think you could get away with just one drop, but work quickly because it dries rapidly.

There’s a make up ‘rule’ that says natural hair brushes are best for powder make up products because they’re softer and therefore better for blending. Synthetic brushes are generally used for cream based products, think concealer, cream eyeshadow, lipstick etc. Because Finish Line transforms powder into cream, I apply it with the synthetic Laura Mercier Angled Eyeliner Brush which is nothing short of amazing for those of us who may not have the steadiest of hands!

I’m also going to use Finish Line with a yellow/neutral toned eyeshadow on my upper lash line, a thin, pale line of colour will really open up the eyes, making them look wider.


A begrudging positive review from Paula’s Choice Beautypedia 

It applies smoothly, dries quickly, and deepens the colour payoff of an eyeshadow, making many medium tones suitable for lining. The waterproof claim is accurate, but it’s worth noting that even minimal rubbing of your eyes while it’s wet causes the product to break down.

This is an OK option if you’re a fan of eyelining with powders and want to experiment for a different, more intense effect.

It does all that and they still call it just an ‘OK’ option!

I must have 6 bottles of this stuff, can’t live without it. I have a bottle in each of my training cases, my personal travel kit and on my vanity. Do not be fooled by other products that are similar. The bottles last forever so if you buy one and use it everyday you MIGHT finish it in 6-8 months, you only need a drop.

I have very oily eyelids and even the most durable, waterproof eyepencil sometimes smudges on me, but Finish Line has alleviated that problem.

Something that I’ve found to work well, is to apply a bit to Mac eyeliner brush and then squeeze the excess out of the bristles so the brush is just damp before I place it in the desired eyeshadow and apply. Without doing that, sometimes the line is too thick and undefined and the colour is too sheer.

Put 1 or 2 drops of it on the clean lid of a tiny plastic jar (of any sort); dip your lining brush in it, then swipe the brush over your cake liner or shadow & apply to eyes. Done.

There are some make up products that have changed how I used make up and make me wonder how I lived without them. This is one of those products.

Not only did Finish Line make my eyeshadow turned eyeliner more intense, but I tried it with some of those problematic shadows (not using them as liner, mind you) and VOILA! My LM Sequin shadows and glittery UD shadows looked amazing with no fallout. Finish Line made them last longer and didn’t cause any glittery messy fallout. My liner can make it through an entire workday with this.

I love the eyedropper – it makes application easy and sanitary. I don’t use too much product. The bottle isn’t big, but a little goes a long way. 1-2 drops is all I need to wet my brush, whether I’m using an eyeliner brush or medium eyeshadow brush.

I’m really happy with this find, I believe there are cheaper versions available, but for me, this one’s definitely worth the money.

Trish McEvoy Finish Line £19.00 (bought mine in Selfridges sale for £13.95)

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