REVIEW: Transformulas Eyelifting Gel


The area around the eyes often reveals the first tangible signs of ageing skin. The loss of elasticity as a result of decreased collagen production is the main culprit.

That, and just living; exposure to daylight (never mind sunlight), environmental factors, laughing, crying etc all contribute towards older looking, crinkly eyes.

Then there comes that sad day when you can clearly see your eyebrows have dropped (hence the popularity of eyebrow raising Botox), and suddenly, any shimmery or metallic eyeshadow (huge this year and I love it), applied above the eyelid seems to highlight the crepey skin.

I’m always game to trial anything non invasive that will help lift my brows and smooth out the upper eye area. My mum has very hooded eyes that often look almost closed. I haven’t inherited that trait, but I have noticed recently that when I’m tired, one of my upper eyelids droops slightly which is a little alarming. It’s on the side I lie on too – cue lecture advising you to NEVER sleep on your side.

Enter then, the award-winning Transformulas Eye Lifting Gel, rumoured to be used by make up artists on celebrities before photo shoots and often referred to as the eye lift in a tube.

Transformulas Eye Lifting Gel helps to lift, provide a protective function to help prevent the signs of ageing and improve moisture levels.

The peptides in this revolutionary biotechnological treatment – a combination of plant extracts and hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin – form a thin-film over the skin to lock in moisture, smooth out fine lines and improve elasticity.


This is a treatment product to be applied twice a day (morning and night) over a 30 day period. Apply to freshly cleansed skin and before any other creams or serums.

  • Under Eye: Use two pumps and sweep under the eye area by the nose outwards towards the outer corner of the eye. Very gently use your finger to smooth the excess gel and hold, do not drag the delicate eye area, this will help smooth the skin and lessen wrinkles.
  • Upper eye/brow bone: Sweep directly on and across the brow bone out towards the temple. Using your index finger, gently smooth any excess across to the outer corner in an upward motion and hold with gentle pressure the outer eye corner upwards for 3 – 5 seconds.

Avoid powdery residue by only applying the recommended amount. Can also be used over make up without leaving any powdery residue.


The serum like gel feels cool when first applied, and only a scant amount of product appears on the doe foot foam applicator wand, so there’s little chance of tell-tale powdery white residue appearing on the skin.

Apply with a sweeping motion and tap gently until it’s absorbed. It also helps to hold the skin in place for a few seconds (or more, see below) with fingers to lock in the position.

I tried a little on the horizontal crease above my nose (a family trait I did inherit, hence my fringe) and held a wide eye ‘surprised’ position for a good couple of minutes, although it takes 4-5 minutes to fully dry. It did seem to ‘fill in’ the line and it managed to subtly faint it out.

I glided the wand just under my eyebrows and held them up for the whole five minutes it took to dry, (way longer than recommended) and felt a slight stiffness when holding the skin up. It’s a funny, ‘wide awake’ feeling that soon wears off, but you still feel you don’t want to blink too much. The upside is that skin is smoothed out and eyeshadow looks gorgeous.

I don’t have under-eye bags (I’m a dark circles girl), but I’ve read and seen the gel shrink back eye bags.

I’ve not used it over make up because: 1. I think it would dirty the wand tip and possibly introduce bacteria into the tube and 2. This is a lifting and treatment product. 10ml isn’t that much product, and I think it will last the full 30 days if used as directed – morning and night, instead of additional touch ups during the day.

Not that I have a tube anymore, I used it on my mum for her passport photo and she was so pleased with how her eyes looked that she kept it. Some chemists offer a personal service and will take a flattering passport photo against a professional backdrop for £5.00 for 6 photos (I thought it would be a lot more). I was hoping our lady would be incredibly patient, but my mum accepted the second batch of photos and she’s very hard to please!


A lovely product to create a temporary (6-7 hours on me) eye lifting effect, with added long-term treatment benefits.


Transformulas Eye Lifting Gel 10ml £29.95 sold by Boots and Transformulas



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