REVIEW: TIME BOMB Take Off Time Cleansing Cream


I’m a huge fan of cream cleansers, ideal for mature skin as they’re less drying than soap and kinder to our skin. Time Bomb’s Take-Off Time Cleansing Cream nestles at the (mid) luxury end of the market. It’s a gentle but moisturising, daily exfoliating cleanser for all skin types, particularly mature skin.  I love that it’s in a tube and not a product wasting pump dispenser.


For fresher, younger skin, merely washing your face isn’t enough: you’ve got to cleanse AND buff. Take Off Time is engineered with professional dermatological grade magnesium oxide crystals that gently lift away that clinging top layer to reveal fresh, smooth, glowing skin beneath. Unlike most cleansers, it doesn’t contain drying surfactants or harsh detergents so your skin is left moist and dewy.


Morning and evenings, apply to damp skin with fingers and gently massage. Finish by rinsing with warm water.


The scent is ‘expensive French pharmacy, tinged with a trace of natural lavender.’ The cleanser isn’t overloaded with ‘grains’ which are few, but soft. Mature skin needs to be treated gently and you know instantly this is not a heavy-duty harsh exfoliator.

The cream spreads well on (barely) damp skin. Although I need to remember not to use so much cream – which actually, I think is runny and thin enough to almost be called a lotion. Use just a 2p coin sized amount for your face and neck. It doesn’t ‘melt’ and disappear into skin as you massage it in, you can still see the whiteness of the cream – almost like a non lather shaving cream. Because of the grains, this cleanser is not of course, suitable for removing eye make up.

I use soft muslin cloths rinsed in luke warm water – because hot water is not a friend to delicate facial capillaries, to remove cleanser and how the cloth looks after removing the cream tells me a lot about the product. Some cream cleansers (ie N-Spa Hot Cloth Polish) ‘move’ make up around and use the water and cloth together to remove it, you can tell this by the obvious make up marks left on the cloth.

Take-off Time Cleansing Cream (much like Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Cleanser) dissolves make up on the face as you massage the product in. When you look at the cloth afterwards, there’s no obvious orange make up residue.

After use, there’s no redness or tightness, nor is there any greasy residue. It’s early days yet, but the moisturising properties in the cream appear to work well, as skin certainly does feel softer immediately after use.

There is also an option to buy dual sided, cotton Polishing Pads – a soft side for use in mild cleansing and a  textured side to help exfoliate.


This is a fabulous exfoliating cleanser. From someone who spends a lot on the best skin care (my face and skin matter to me). I thought I’d give this a try as it was on the Black Friday Deals and I had never tried Lulu Time Bomb products before.

I have tried many different cleansers over the years but find this to be the best I have ever used. Just enough soft grains to refresh without causing any inflammation as others can do on my skin.

I use this morning and night. I have oily combination and sometimes sensitive skin, with acne scars prone to break outs and hitting 30, so fine lines coming and I have to say I cannot fault this range, I follow the cleanser with the Cocktail Shot of Chlorophyll followed by Youth Juice followed by Glory Days moisturiser and the whole range has improved my fine lines, oiliness and overall complexion of my skin.

When you apply, don’t soak your skin with water. Use merely enough water so your skin is slightly damp, not wet. (I agree). Then gently circle the product all over your face for about a minute. Then rinse with warm water and pat dry face – wow! Skin was really soft and silky smooth. Think I was using too much water previously.
It has a light grain texture to it, not too harsh and quite gentle and over time I’ve really got to like it. Every time I use it I like the results of the smoothness to my skin.


QVC are offering 2 x 125ml for £24.00 (inc £3.95 for P &P) – £3.75 less than 2 days ago!
The official website sells the cream in three sizes: 30ml – £5.50; 75ml – £13.75 and 125ml – £15.00.

Time Bomb Website


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