REVIEW: Time Bomb PEACE + QUIET Coconut Cleansing Oil

Time Bomb PEACE + QUIET Coconut Cleansing Oil

Time Bomb PEACE + QUIET Coconut Cleansing Oil is an Oil-based formula that gently dissolves and removes surface impurities, including wax, silicone and oil-based makeup, and SPF products. 

We all need to wear SPF daily, but it can sometimes be tricky to remove properly especially from pores – which is good really, when you think about it, we want thorough protection from skin ageing elements.

The thing is, it’s not overly coconut-ty or oily! The coconut scent is there, but it’s a delicate, natural fragrance. The consistency is oily, but not overly slippery.

Every evening skin should be clean of dirt, grime, makeup and heavy SPF products but these can be difficult to effectively remove without being harsh or stripping skin.

This skin-soothing cleanser is ideal for all skin types (even sensitive and oily) to keep skin clean and fresh, and its safe and effective for use around the eyes.

Contains a blend of Grape Seed, Sunflower and Safflower oils along with botanical superstar Coconut Oil known for powerful antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Take three pumps of product, more if needed, onto hands and smooth onto face gently massaging onto skin.
  • Add warm water and continue to gently massage into dry skin for two minutes to stimulate blood circulation 
  • The oil will emulsify into a light, milky consistency that rinses clean with warm water.
  • You can also use a cloth to wipe skin clean and then rinse with warm water.


I know the reason it’s called ‘Peace & Quiet’ is because it quietens i.e. calms the skin, but I would say it’s also because you can gently massage skin as you’re cleansing – there’s good, but non greasy slip, as you’d expect. If you have a little more time, you can use fingertips to massage outwards and upwards in big circles to help de-puff and plump skin.

It’s a massive bottle and I’m finding three pumps is enough. As I’ve said above, it’s not oily, it’s silky, and because it turns milky i.e. emulsifies on contact with water, it’s easy to rinse off. That’s the problem with traditional oily cleansers, the oil is fighting the water, you need a toner (or cream cleanser), to remove all traces of oil.

There’s no redness after using this oil and skin doesn’t feel oily OR dry, just smooth and clean – however, not ‘squeaky clean’ which means you haven’t stripped the natural oils from your skin.

If you’re a double cleanse fan, (the first cleanse – which is usually oil/balm, is to remove make up, the second – usually a cream, is to properly clean the skin), then you could follow with Time Bomb’s Take-Off Time Cleanser for a full on cleansing experience.

I used a toner afterwards to see if I really needed a cream cleanser (because of my sensitive skin, I don’t like to double cleanse more than 3 times a week) but there was nothing on the pad. My skin felt clean enough after this one step.

Time Bomb PEACE + QUIET Coconut Cleansing Oil 175ml £25.00


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