REVIEW: TIME BOMB MASS APPEAL Hair Thickening Supplement

TIME BOMB MASS APPEAL Hair Thickening Supplement

This hair product came into my life at just the right time.

My hair was completely wrecked by the Bed & Boulders shampoo incident. It was lank, thin and of course orange.

The highlights gradually improved with the use of PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Brightening Purple Shampoo. But this ‘saviour’ product contains the cleansing foaming agent, sodium lauryl sulfate. Long-term use is not recommended because sulphate can potentially strip hair of its natural oils.

I would normally swap shampoos around, but my hair was so depressing I kept on using it. It lacked body and just hung there, but at least the colour had improved.

Then I was sent Mass Appeal:

Mass Appeal Hair Thickening Supplement plumps up each hair strand, adding fullness and mass to thin, flat, lifeless hair. It surrounds strands with a lightweight, invisible matrix that provides extra thickness, body and volume without weighing hair down.

It’s not sticky and doesn’t leave hair feeling stiff. It also helps improve the condition of hair leaving it shiny, bouncy as well as thicker, fuller, and more manageable.


After washing and conditioning, apply a coin sized amount into palms and spread through towel dried hair, then comb through to evenly distribute.


It’s fair to say that most of the hair thickeners on the market DO work, but the price you have to pay is hair that feels stiff and coated in product even when you use spray in thickeners.

Mass Appeal is very different, it’s a lightweight serum that smells like a spotlessly clean beauty salon (honestly, that’s such a good description).

If you rub your palms together, the serum practically disappears, there’s no greasy residue left behind. When applied to hair – and I didn’t think a mere coin sized pump would be half enough, it’s immediately absorbed. I combed it through and blow dried my hair as normal.

The result is plumped up hair without the weight. It holds its shape without stiffness. You get volume and body without it looking matt, but hair still feels soft and workable.

Even in this heat, my hair isn’t limp – although the rest of me is. #justabitcoolerplease

Because you only need to use a 10p sized amount, the 150ml bottle is going to last you an awfully long time.

Time Bomb MASS APPEAL Hair Thickening Supplement 150ml £18.50

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