REVIEW Time Bomb Holiday in a Bottle

Time Bomb Holiday in a Bottle

The weather’s on and off at the moment, warm in the sunshine and freezing in the shadows. There’s definitely more than a hint of Spring in the air though.

I love that it’s bright in the mornings, but harsh sunlight really washes out a pale complexion. I’m a huge fan of Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster, but it does take time to work, Time Bomb’s Holiday in a Bottle is an instant hit of colour.

Not a stain, self tanner, or foundation:

A creamy fluid with micro-pigments which burst on touch, creating a natural looking wash of colour.

This “liquid sunshine” is a breakthrough formula from the beauty innovators at Federici Brands. Oil-free, paraben-free formula features micro-pigments that burst on contact, spreading translucent colour evenly over skin to warm and enhance natural face colour.

So really, it’s an instant self tanner, that can also double up as foundation and washes off easily, with cleanser or soap and water, but doesn’t streak – got it?


Apply sparingly and evenly all over face, making certain to blend into neck. Apply more if needed. Product turns from grey to skin colour on contact, adjusts to blend with all skin tones.


I remember using Estée Lauder Day Wear Sheer Tint Release Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Moisturiser (mouthful) years ago, which works on a similar principle. The ‘one shade suits all’ moisturiser was also grey when it came out of the tube and changed colour upon contact with the skin. The idea was that it would adapt to each person’s unique hue and would suit every skin tone. I came out orange every-single-time.

Fortunately, Holiday in a Bottle is different, it’s a ‘set’ shade that transforms into a natural looking tan colour. Although, layer it too much (you only need the tiniest amount, which is great considering the price tag), and you will stray into Oompa Loompa territory.

I chose Sunkissed, the lighter, slightly more subtle, shade. It’s suitable for pale to medium skin tones, but still packs enough colour that says, Look, I caught the sun over the weekend. It’s a ‘proper’ tan shade. Blend like crazy (don’t forget the ears and back of neck if it’s exposed) and it will look like a real tan.

The other shade, Suntanned, is ideal for the hardcore bronzed Goddesses among us. It’s a tan shade that means business!


My top tips would be, use a small amount, try half a pump (or less if you’ve got nimble fingers) at first. Blend fast and throughly. If you have a very light touch, you could use a foundation brush and dab it on over foundation, just on the parts where you’d normally catch the sun.

Holiday in a Bottle lasts longer on the skin than powder bronzer (why does bronzer fade so fast?), so you won’t have to keep retouching during the day. Once it’s on, it stays there until you wash/cleanse it off.

If you want a tanned base, then use it under foundation for long-lasting colour.

You can also apply a huge blob of body moisturiser to the back of your hand, add a full pump of Holiday in a Bottle, mix it quickly and apply to legs. It’s not really intended for the body, but last Friday was suddenly so warm, I had to ditch the black opaques and wear sandals at the last-minute, and it worked a treat.

In the summer, you could definitely get away with using it without foundation (it doesn’t signpost pores). Also, there’s no sunscreen protection, so always apply with an SPF of 15 at the very least.


Time Bomb Holiday in a Bottle 30ml £28.00 from Time Bomb and QVC


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