REVIEW Time Bomb Hair Care

REVIEW Time Bomb Hair Care

I feature a lot of hair care products on here and I make no apologies for it. A bad hair day is harder to fix than a bad skin or make up day. It can take just a pump too much of a styling product (especially serum), and you can be left with flat, greasy looking hair all day long.

I’ve noticed (because I’m sad enough to write it down), that my hair goes through 3 week cycles. Three weeks of shiny, thick looking hair and one week of limp, flyaway hair. It’s obviously my hormones going nutsy on me, but during that ‘bad hair week’ I’m always willing to try new products, plus I think thicker looking hair is something all women (and men) want anyway, regardless of age!


Created by the team behind global powerhouse John Frieda haircare, each product is uniquely formulated to make fine, thin, wimpy hair appear thicker, stronger and fuller. (Hurrah!)

Time Bomb Larger Than Life Shampoo

  • A body-building formula that contains procapil©, fortifying wheat protein and a unique peptide complex to give hair body and bounce.
  • The sulphate-free formula contains Flexan, to helps lift off styling and conditioner build-up. It also contains a unique tri-peptide complex that helps “anchor” hair at the root, giving it strength and body.

The first time you use this is a bit scary. Hair feels matted and tangled up and you think, how the heck am I ever going to get a comb through this? But be patient and wait for the conditioner to work its magic.

Time Bomb Larger Than Life Conditioner

  • Ultra-lightweight conditioner that aids detangling but also adds thickness and strength thanks to the unique tri-peptide complex.

The second you apply this, hair becomes instantly smoother and silkier to the touch. All the ingredients in the shampoo that you can feel are building up and coating the hair shaft, smooth down and combing through afterwards is easy.

The shampoo and conditioner together will give you bouncy looking volume and if you don’t want to ‘style’ your hair, you just want it looking bigger, then just these two products will be enough.

Time Bomb High Profile Thicken + Lift Spray

  • Formulated with a unique thickening resin, this light spray creates body and bounce without making hair feel sticky and brittle like traditional thickeners.

This is probably the star product of the collection. It’s versatile – it can be used on wet or dry hair, although I find it works best on dry hair to bounce up an overly long ‘in between hair cuts‘ fringe.

It isn’t sticky and if you want to add a little height to the crown area, a quick spray to the roots and a blast of the hairdryer over a roller or a small round brush and you’re good to go. Hair is bouncy without being crunchy. Don’t use too much though, or you’ll stray into huge ’80s hair land.

Take sections of hair and spray product section by section concentrating at the roots. Next take a vent brush, gently lifting hair up away from the scalp and “hit” each section with a hairdryer – make sure it is on high heat but low-speed.

Time Bomb Strike A Pose Modelling Hair Spray

  • A strong yet flexible hold without that stiff or brittle feeling. A special blend of fixative resins re-liquifies whenever additional product is applied, allowing for continuous restyling.
  • It was specially created using a blend of elastic, vinyl polymers and fixatives rather than acrylic like most hairsprays, so you’re able to fix your hair into place and rework and restyle it as many times as you like without any stickiness, stiffness or that awful crispy feeling.

This is much more of a styling product than a mere hair spray. It will hold hair in place and let you change your style i.e. if you want to take it out of a pony tail or bun, you can spray this on and joosh it up. Alternatively, it will help to fix hair that’s been caught in the rain and make it look less of a disaster.


Time Bomb Haircare is available from and QVC

Larger Than Life Shampoo (£16.50 250ml) 75ml £5.75
Larger Than Life Conditioner (£16.50 250ml) 75ml £5.75
High Profile Thicken + Lift Spray (£16.50 150ml) 75ml £8.00
Strike A Pose Modelling Hair Spray 75ml £5.75


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