REVIEW: The Body Shop Honey Bronze™ Bronzing Powder

The Body Shop Honey Bronze™ Bronzing Powder

I’ve been on the prowl for absolutely ages, looking for an alternative to my all time favourite, but inexplicably discontinuedLiz Earle’s Natural Glow Bronzer – which was the most perfect matt bronzer. Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder is very similar, it’s a silky textured, pressed matt bronzing powder.

For your most natural looking tan, dust on our sun-kissed, honey-enriched bronzing powder over your skin for a luminous golden glow, year-round.

With shades to suit even the palest skin tones, our Honey Bronze™ Bronzing Powder is the effortless way to fake that ‘holiday glow.’ Swirl on this shimmer-free, pressed powder for an even, bronzed, matte-finish.

  • Even matte finish
  • Convenient compact
  • 5 shades
  • Shades to suit very pale skin
  • Community Trade honey

I always find the ingredients list for bronzers to be quite scary, but to be fair, The Body Shop does try to explain what each one does; Butyrospermum Parkii Unsaponifiables (Skin Conditioning Agent) anyone? The main ingredients are talc and silica – not everyone’s cup of tea and it’s worth checking the ingredients against Breast Cancer UK’s #DitchTheJunk chart.

I’ll fess up now and admit that the shade I chose, Fair 01, is better suited to a pale, china doll complexion and I went too light. I have to swirl up a sandstorm to get a good colour on my skin. But, when I’ve troweled enough on – this is sheer enough to be buildable, it is rather gorgeous.

Mature skin needs a little glow to stop it looking flat and dull, and although I can’t personally detect any hint of shimmer, skin does indeed look glowy and healthy after application.

This flattering bronzer lifts pale skin and doubles up as a subtle contour for those of us who are fearful of looking stripey. I definitely need to buy a darker shade and will keep this fair one for winter. Although, I will need to trial it in person, because how could anyone seriously select a shade from these online swatches?

The Body Shop Honey Bronze™ Bronzing Powder

I also bought the Body Shop’s Bronzing Brush. It’s smaller than you think at only 3 inches high, but the synthetic (though it feels like real hair), bristles are super soft and densely packed. It fits nicely into the hand and – the biggie, it doesn’t shed!

I’d like to be able to pop it into my make up bag when I’m going out, so I’m on the lookout for something to put it into to stop it splaying. Once a brush loses its shape, you can never get it back. It’s a shame make up companies don’t think of this, a simple, semi rigid plastic collar would do the trick nicely.

It’s a good-looking, quality brush. Initially, I thought it was a little over priced (Body Shop’s prices have always been a bit on the hefty side), but I realise I’m happy to pay for a brush that doesn’t shed and applies my bronzer perfectly.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze™ Bronzing Powder


Bronzing Brush £16.00 & Honey Bronze™ Bronzing Powder 11g £14.00 The Body Shop

The Body Shop Honey Bronze™ Bronzing Powder


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