REVIEW: Supergoop CC Cream – Correct & Cover Cream Foundation

Supergoop Daily Correct CC Cream SPF 35

I’m not sure yet, but I think Supergoop’s CC (Correct & Cover) Cream might be the one.

I’ve not had any luck with the Holy Grail of beauty balms Garnier Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One B.B. Blemish Balm. The ‘regular’ formulation left my face oil slick shiny and the ‘non oily’ version (of course I bought them both), settled into pores and wouldn’t budge.

I was passed a couple of small sample tubes of Supergoop’s CC (Correct & Cover) Cream in the Light to Medium shade – I think a lot of people here in the UK would’ve been first introduced to them via a Birch Box subscription. When they were finished, I was impressed enough by the results to splash out a whooping £31.00 for a full size tube.

Correct and colour means just that. The idea is that the cream will neutralise sallow (yellow), or red skin tones (hello, my rosacea), cover and even out skin tone. Now, it might just be me, but at first glance, I wouldn’t think this was a foundation, the tube says Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Sunscreen, not mineral foundation.

A silky formulation that covers imperfections in an easy one step product, blended with light-diffusing mica, which instantly softens the look of lines, wrinkle and pores leaving behind a fresh and flawless face.

  • SPF 35 – Wonderful, means can use any moisturiser/serum underneath without fretting about the SPF number.
  • Tube – Hygienic and of course, you can cut the tube down to scoop out every last bit of product.
  • Self-adjusting shade – This can be hit or miss, but the choice of Light to Medium and Medium to Dark shades is a good start. Although the official US Supergoop! website offers the product (pictured above) in 3 shades.

Supergoop! Broad Spectrum SPF 35 CC Cream combines the functionality of a primer/foundation with the anti-ageing benefits of skin serums to protect, correct, and smooth uneven skin. Light to Medium self-adjusting shade.

The self-adjusting shade was a little too accurate and matched my naturally pale complexion a bit too closely. When I applied it all over my face, it looked very mask like and unnatural. Also, and I think this is important from the anti-ageing prospective, the light-diffusing particles highlighted (not disguised), fine lines around my eyes; light bounced off my cheekbones but not in a good way, more of a ‘hey, look at these lines’ way.

The solution was to use this CC Cream with my beloved Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint (which is just a beat, too sheer). I don’t mix the products together (although, both being similar creamy formulations, they do blend well), but I use Sheer Tint around my eye area and on the top of my cheekbones. Then, a few dots on my nose, and sparingly to the outside part of my face, I apply the CC Cream in the centre part. This is a good make up tip anyway, use a slightly darker shade foundation to ‘frame’ the face and a lighter one in the centre to brighten your face.  I got this tip from an article on contouring by Into the Gloss and it works!

Supergoop! CC Cream Foundation

Gorgeous, actually. A silky smooth, but not too thin or thick, cream. It glides on, although it can feel slightly tacky as it dries.
Squeeze the foundation out carefully, you don’t need much as it spreads out beautifully . The mica (also found in Benefit’s POREfessional – Ah, NOW you see how it works) does its job and covers and evens out skin colour. It also fills in pores without making them look obviously filled in.
An all matt face is unflattering and ageing, but so is too much shine, which can look greasy. Unless your skin is on the dry side, you will need a light sprinkling of a fine textured face power along the T zone, as it does have a tendency to shine after a few hours.
Decant a little into a mini pot. Sometimes reapplying foundation during the day can make it cakey looking, but this one behaves itself. When reapplying though, I dab/pat it on so as not to ‘move’ the lower layer of foundation around.
Store the tube on its side. Store it upright and far too much product seeps out when you go to use it.

I used two fair-sized samples and went on to buy the (expensive) full size tube. This should be a lesson to brands to get their act together and offer decent sized samples of their products so we can get a better idea of how and if they work for us.

More importantly, brands should regulate their distribution. With a few exceptions – I think we all have one reliable and knowledgable sales assistant who will set aside samples of new launch products for us, ask for samples at a cosmetic counter and they have always ‘just run out.’ A quick trawl on eBay shows just where they’ve run out to!

I appreciate we’ve now reached DD Cream territory – Disguise & Diminish, aka Daily Defence/Dynamic Do-All, but the skeptic in me can’t help thinking these ‘alphabet creams’ are something cosmetic houses have dreamed up together so they can all put out their own version. Blemish Balm, Correct & Cover and Disguise & Diminish, I’m sure they all address different needs, it’s just that they all sound pretty much similar to me.

Right this second however, using this cream foundation with Sheer Tint, is really working for me. I’m especially pleased as this isn’t a product I would ever thought of as a foundation.

Supergoop CC Cream Light To Medium £31.00 47ml Space NK


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