REVIEW: Skin Republic Foot Peel Mask

Foot Peel Mask

I’m not sure why I had this foot peel mask in my possession. I can only assume it came free with a beauty box or I bought abroad (I do love a French Pharmacy) because nothing could replace my beloved Footner Exfoliating Socks

This version from Skin Republic promises much the same as the Footner mask but for well under half the price, unfortunately, that’s where the similarity ends.


A serum-infused foot mask that performs deep level action to help soften, hydrate and repair dry, cracked skin.

  • The Skin Republic foot peel will remove dead skin in 7 days – Nope, nothing happened for 13 days, then it took nearly 2 weeks to work.
  • Dual layered booties contain an exfoliating serum packed with Plant Extracts and Alpha Hydroxy Acids for soft, silky smooth feet. – No, not really.
  • The outer layer of the booties stays dry so you can continue with daily activities. – Yes, if you want to slip and break your neck.

I found the ‘dual-layered’ booties hard to separate, I didn’t really want to touch the serum/gel with bare hands, but it was the only way I could get them onto my feet. In fairness, I will say the serum was a lot less pungent than Footner’s version.

When I finally wrestled them on, they were extremely slippy. I put Mark’s my socks over them as before, but there was so much gel I couldn’t get a grip and was sliding around the bathroom floor. I couldn’t stay in the bathroom for 2 hours, so I laid a trail of towels along the corridor and padded to the bedroom.

When the time was up, I took them off, washed my feet and waited.

After a week there was no sign of any peeling. I had to wait nearly two weeks to see any change. Unfortunately, the first change was that the top of my foot was peeling, then my ankles.

Eventually, the rest of the peel kicked in, but my feet didn’t peel away in soft layers a la Footner. It peeled in little bitty bits as if my feet had been in a shredder. This meant I shed slivers of dead skin around in the house and that skin was nearly always crispy (you’ve already eaten, right?). It wasn’t very pleasant, but I think skin peeling from the top of my foot and ankle was the most irritating part of the whole process.

Afterward and it took another 8 days before my feet were done peeling, the skin wasn’t pink and baby soft as before. Plus, the dryness came back a week later despite slathering my feet in heavy-duty moisturisers.

Sometimes, you do get what you pay for. I’ll stick with Footner from now on.


Skin Republic Foot Peel Mask £7.99 (at 10th July 2019) Look Fantastic *

Footner Exfoliating Socks £19.99 (buy one, get one-half price) Boots *

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