Sisley-Paris Black Rose Mask – PRICE DROP

Sisley-Paris Black Rose Mask

This ‘mask’ is one of my best ever anti-ageing skincare buys and it’s now at its lowest price.

Sisley-Paris Black Rose Cream Mask 

Rich in active anti-aging ingredients (Black Rose, Padina pavonica, and Alkekengi calyx extracts), it immediately gets to work on signs of fatigue and leaves the skin looking youthful and energized. It brings together three actions to restore a luminous complexion and redensified skin in just 10 to 15 minutes.

Sisley-Paris Black Rose Cream Face Mask


  • Apply 2 or 3 times a week in a thick layer on the face and neck, carefully avoiding the area around the eye.
  • Allow to remain on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe away the excess. – I don’t do this.


I don’t know why I always thought this mask was ‘out of my reach’ budget-wise because I have spent far more on other premium skincare brands and didn’t bat an eyelid.

It might be because Sisley-Paris is such an iconic luxury beauty brand and paying over £80.00 for a mere face mask seemed like an indulgence too far. But, having used the mask for over 6 months it’s no longer a treat but an essential.

The black rose fragrance is beautiful – strong and natural. I love a rose-scented product, but too many brands use cheaper ingredients, they use the cheaper geranium oil to get that lusted after rose fragrance which can result in a cloying artificial fragrance.

The first time I applied this and then tissued it off after 15 minutes as directed, my skin absolutely glowed. Yes, it did pink up, but there was an immediate plumping difference.

It was as if the mask wakened up blood flow to my face, my skin felt fully hydrated. It’s a lovely simple product that delivers results.

I love tube packaging, not only is it more hygienic with minimal air exposure, you can cut it down to get to every last blob, zero waste, maximum product.


I loved using this cream but was thinking it wasn’t going to last too long applying such a thick layer. Plus, why does it have to be slathered on so thickly anyway? It doesn’t break down or absorb completely, it’s just waste. So, I gradually started applying thinner layers and experienced the same effect.

Then I thought, what if I sleep in the mask? I apply a thin layer, keep it away from the eyes, but apply more generously around my mouth, anything to plump up those vertical lines.

The mask needs to be left on five minutes to sink in and although it leaves a sheeny film on the skin (which is still there in the morning), it doesn’t disturb my sleep. It is also helping me to train myself to sleep on my back which has definitely helped with décolleté creases.

Also, as you get older, the skin you wake up with can look a bit depressing (as if you deflated overnight) and take an awfully long time to spring back to life. With this cream, you can at least wake up looking human immediately. Skin in the morning is radiant and glowing and don’t we all want to wake up looking like that?

I probably wouldn’t recommend this for younger skins. The sleeping mask/overnight treatment is, in my opinion, best suited to mature skin which needs a moisture drink overnight.


I thought I was being so clever and innovative using this method until I realised everyone does this! This mask is never used as a mask, it’s used as an overnight skin-nourishing pick me up,  people love it. The price is the only negative, so twice a week is my limit.

SISLEY-PARIS Black Rose Precious Face Oil, 25ml

Sisley’s first skin care oil for dry or mature skin. With a high concentration of active ingredients, this silky-smooth dry oil prepares, nourishes and has an anti-aging effect.

Sisley-Paris Black Rose Precious Face Oil

I admit it, I bought a bottle of this at the same time. Now, this is an indulgence.

There’s no denying it, this rich, but light oil is even more luxurious than the cream mask. I was able to get away with applying only 1 or 2 drops on bare skin and it absorbed immediately, no shine under makeup either. Again, the effect of plumped skin is immediate.

There is only 25ml in the bottle and whereas the mask is still going strong 7 months later. The oil ran out early this year.

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Black Rose Mask AllBeauty £83.90 AllBeauty *

Black Rose Precious Face Oil £115.90 AllBeauty *

Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream 50ml £103.60 AllBeauty *

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Sisley-Paris Black Rose Mask

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