REVIEW Sisley Confort Extreme Nutritive Lip Balm

Sisley Confort Extreme Nutritive Lip Balm

This was a thank you gift I opted for instead of perfume. I didn’t feel guilty because it’s not as expensive as perfume, although it IS very expensive for a lip balm.

I hadn’t read any online reviews of this award-winning lip balm, but I have seen it mentioned as a favourite/must have lip product in many interviews over the years.

The combination of oils (Hazelnut, Plum and Sunflower) and butters (Shea and Kokum) effectively relieve any discomfort as well as repairing, rehydrating and plumping lips.

Its creamy texture leaves skin comfortable and supple. Lips are instantly moisturised and lastingly protected: they appear softer, smoother and plumper.


Apply to lips as often as necessary throughout the day (or night).


Because of the colour of the pot, I had always just assumed the balm was pink and rose scented. So wrong! I was a bit miffed to see it was not only unscented, but looked much like solid Vaseline. Although, I was pleased to find a small, grey plastic applicator in the box – no dipping your unhygienic digits into this jar!

I apply a tiny scoop just before bedtime to my lips, and slightly over my lip line.

The balm is rich, but not greasy or sticky, and my lips looked instantly glossy and felt smooth. Then again, I have a lot of lips balms that do the same thing for a mere dot of the price.

I thought they looked slightly plumper, but dismissed it as my imagination, because I didn’t experience any tingling sensation.

I was disappointed by the lack of rose fragrance (I know, so petty!) and kicked myself for falling for the hype. Did Sisley gift the balm to a host of celebs on the proviso they mention it in every interview? Should I have asked for a bottle of Chloe perfume instead?

It was a different story in the morning though, because most unexpectedly, the balm stayed on overnight. I even had a glug straight from the bottle glass of water in the middle of the night as well and it didn’t budge at all.

Seriously, what balm does that? I toss and turn so much at night, that I have to change my pillowcases every time I sleep in moisturiser because it transfers everywhere. I’ve just bought a couple of silk pillowcases and I’m loathe to use them because I know I’ll have to wash them constantly.

I’m so impressed by this balm and it was really lovely (and unusual), to wake up with soft and most definitely plump, glossy lips.


I’m not sure how the balm works during the day. It obviously has to be the first layer applied to your lips, otherwise it won’t benefit your lips at all. If your natural lip colour is fairly rosy and you’re going for low-key look, with perhaps a natural shade of lip pencil, then it’s going to look gorgeous.

But if you want to apply lipstick on top, then how will it stay on? You would be applying over a glossy layer and surely the lipstick will just slide off?

I love how it smoothes and hydrates my lips, so I’m going to use the balm as a night-time treatment.


Sisley Confort Extreme Nutritive Lip Balm 9g £44.00
Cheapest I’ve found is from AllBeauty at £32.95 (correct at 10/4/16)

Great product – The hype is real, but the price is insane!

Sisley Confort Extreme Nutritive Lip Balm

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