REVIEW Sensio Spa Complete Hydrotherapy Facial Steamer UPDATE

Sensio Spa Complete Hydrotherapy Facial Steamer

I love the luxury of a facial treatment at a spa, although I always want to drift off to sleep afterwards, instead of getting up and going home, usually without any make up on – arghh!

A good facial in London can cost anywhere from £40 to 140.00 – or more! However, if you have the time and a little space, you can indulge yourself with a home facial that’s as close as you can get to a salon treatment.

The Sensio Spa Complete Hydrotherapy Facial Steamer is a professional level beauty salon treatment in a 4 step routine.

The ionised water rehydrates skin, steam deep cleanses skin and the brush and sponge attachment work to exfoliate and massage skin.

Priced at £80.00, 2 ‘at home’ treatments = 2 (lower priced) salon facials.

Sensio Spa Complete Hydrotherapy Facial SteamerHOW TO USE

Stage 1 Cleanse

Deep cleanse and exfoliate skin using the brush and sponge attachment with your favourite cleanser.

Stage 2 Open Pores

Gently pass the specially designed, pre heated ‘Hot Bar’ across skin to open pores steam and soothe.

Stage 3 Steam & Smooth

Add water, which will ionize to rehydrate skin, increasing blood flow to the dermis. Simply relax for up to 20 minutes, directing steam to face.

Stage 4 Close Pores
Gently pass the specially created cool setting bar across skin to close pores.


The instruction booklet is very detailed and covers absolutely everything you need to know to operate the steamer and work with the attachments.

The steamer is about the size, but half the weight, of a small kettle. You should only use distilled water with this appliance. Mark suggested Brita filtered water would be a good substitute for distilled water, which is inexpensive anyway. I emailed the manufacturers and they said that while they’ve not tested this theory, they can see no reason why you couldn’t use filtered water instead.

The measuring jug has a long, pointy spout (other companies take note!) which makes it easy to pour 150ml of water into the inlet. There’s a little water collection tray near the bottom, on the left hand side, to contain any overflow.

Once plugged in, the steamer took 45 seconds to produce steam. This is the ‘salon’ part, the steam is exactly the same as you’d expect to find during a professional facial, it’s a constant, warm rolling mist.

This is an ideal time to use a face mask (especially a clay based one), and really make it work overtime. Let the steam warm and soften skin and then apply the mask.

It should be noted that pores can’t physically open and close. What does happen though, is that heat warms, (ie expands) and softens pores and surrounding areas, and therefore loosens embedded dirt and debris.

When skin cools (via the cool bar attachment), skin contracts slightly and without all the gunk filling them up, pores appear a lot smaller.

The Facial Cleanser attachment has two settings and the rotations on ‘high intensity’ are very fast, but the bristles are soft, so it’s cleaning gently, but efficiently.

The Hot & Cold bar heats up fast, but it’s not hot at all, it’s a beat above pleasantly warm. The cold setting though, is VERY cold.

I’ve only used the steamer twice, but I will use it more over the Christmas holidays (especially with face masks), and update this post.


Using this facial spa has now become a regular part of my skin care routine. This is no beauty gadget that’s going to be used once, and forever consigned to the back of the cupboard.

As I’ve mentioned above, the mist the steamer produces is as fine and warm (and constant),  as you would expect from a professional salon treatment.

I’ve been using the steamer with clay face masks, my precious (‘more expensive than gold’ – probably), Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask, an eye watering £57.00 for 50ml and, at the other end of the clay mask scale, Fullers Earth (Bentonite Clay), £2.78 for 250g.

I use the gentle steam to warm and prep my skin before applying the masks and when I’m wearing them. Incredibly, the results from both masks are the same, skin is exceptionally soft and fresh looking afterwards.

Also, I’ve not experienced any redness afterwards, the mist is just too fine and pleasantly warm, never hot.


It’s not been mentioned in any reviews I’ve read, but I’m also using the steamer on my hair when I’ve applied a deep hair conditioning treatment – actually, I do it when I’m wearing a face mask. #multitasking

It’s easy to do, apply the treatment, comb through and sit with your back to the steamer and let the mist do the work. The nozzle is easily adjusted up and down. I’ve had steam salon treatments and this is just as good. The result is that my hair (which can be very badly behaved), is soft and silky afterwards.

Never mind cleansing and exfoliating, I’m just loving Sensio Spa for face masks and hair conditioning!


Complete Hydrotherapy Facial Steamer £80.00 – NO LONGER AVAILABLE 

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