REVIEW: Salon Science Thickening Serum

REVIEW: Salon Science Thickening Serum

I’ve not been a fan of big hair since I was traumatised at the John Frieda salon in Alford Street, back in the late 80s. It was a simple blow dry, afterwards my hair was mirror shiny, but it was absolutely enormous!

To be fair, they did try to fix it – it was no cheap blow dry, I’ll tell you. After much brushing, layering of product and more blow drying, I looked in the mirror and said: Oh yes, that’s much better now, thank you, and pelted out of there with my bouffant buffeting, but never flattening, in the wind.


Nowadays of course, we all want thick, glossy hair and Salon Science® have produced a thickening serum that takes me right back to that little street in Mayfair. I’ve also had to pass the product on after 3 uses because it worked a little too well on my newly layered hair. If you’re suffering from hair loss or fine, thin hair and you’re sick of hair standing up stiff because it’s so heavy with product, then this is the serum for you.


The SALON SCIENCE® AnaGain™ range is a powerful three step regime, to help boost fine and thinning hair by reducing the rate of hair loss. Like a jump start for hair, the AnaGain™ collection is formulated with a powerful Organic Pea Sprout Extract that helps to initiate new growth.

This Thickening Serum is packed with AnaGain™ Organic Pea Sprout rich in restorative proteins, starch and fibres for visibly denser, thicker hair. Hair strands are plumped to give an all over fullness. This protecting formula with unique technology restores body and bounce, encourages hair growth and leaves hair stronger and healthier.

Suitable for dry or towel dried hair.
Apply 2-5 (never 5, way too much) pumps, depending on hair length and thickness, into hands and work throughout hair from root to tip.
Blow dry if required. Do not rinse out.


This is not just a thickening hair serum, it’s also a hair loss treatment – hence the price. A lot of science and research goes into this brand.

There are four ranges, each targeted to a specific hair concern.


The scent is fresh and faintly herbal/floral. The opaque white serum is much like any other thickening serum I’ve tried and it combs through hair easily as you’d expect.

It does though, create massive volume, my hair has long layers cut into it now and honestly, it was a mistake to use a couple of pumps of this serum on my lengths, it took me straight back to that John Frieda salon and crazy 80s hair.

The second and third time I used it, I targeted the product to the roots and concentrated more on the crown. There’s no doubt that it does create fab volume and plumps up the roots.

I prefer my hair much flatter, so I used it on my mum who has short layered hair and again, it gave her hair loads of body and made it look thicker.

Apart from the long-term hair loss prevention aspect, there’s another huge difference between this serum and other thickening serums – and I’ve trialled a lot of them. It volumises, but hair remains soft. It’s not sticky and doesn’t weigh hair down, or make it stiff to comb.

I remember when I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, there was an awful period of over a year when my hair thinned and fell out (as it did when I broke my leg, and had both my sons). Hair loss and thinning is devastating for men and women, we’re desperate to disguise it. I lived in fear of the weather; a gusty wind would make me look disheveled, rain would tangle and matt my hair and humidity would make my neck sticky as it melted all the gunk in my hair.

I used every thickening product on the market to make my hair look fuller. Admittedly, they did work, I used about 5 different thickening sprays, mousse, powders and volumising creams (ironically, I recall a John Frieda thickening lotion in a shiny green bottle that was particularly effective. EDIT: I think this is it), every morning. No one apart from my hairdresser knew my secret, the only problem was my hair was stiff and rock hard with product. If this Salon Science serum had been around back then, I could have knocked off an hour (no lie) of hair prep in the mornings.


This thickening serum pumps up the volume and treats hair loss as well. We’ve trialled it many times and had the same result each time – plumped up hair that’s beautifully soft.


Salon Science® Thickening Serum 50ml £15.00 Boots (often on 3 for 2 offer)


Salon Science

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  1. Bernadette Byrne
    June 2, 2019 / 1:01 pm

    Great, product, i went through a very stressful, period, and my hair fell, i could not believe, how, it repaired, my hair, thankyou, salon, science..

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