Hailed as a revolutionary beauty regimen for your hair, award-winning SALON SCIENCE® hair products contain a fusion of powerful active ingredients and the highest concentration of plant stem cell extracts within the formulations.

The four targeted collections are:

  • PhytoCellTec™ Swiss Apple For Anti-Ageing and Restored Volume
  • AnaGain™ Organic Pea Sprout For Targeting Hair Loss
  • GSP-T Swiss Grape For Repair and Radiance
  • AquaCacteen Organic Cactus For Hydration and Scalp Relief


I was overwhelmed by the vast range of products and cherry picked 6 I thought would benefit my highlighted hair the most.

RETEXTULUXE™ Shampoo 250ml £7.33

Intensive nourishment to protect from damage, shield against colour fade and strengthen hair for reduced breakage.

This clear shampoo with a slight purple tint smells gorgeous and a little grape-y, and lathers up full and fast, because of this and to prevent any heaviness later, only a tiny blob is needed each time.

For a restorative cleansing shampoo, it doesn’t strip hair, but leaves it very soft afterwards.

RETEXTULUXE™ Conditioner 250ml £8.00

Nourishing conditioner to instantly repair, strengthen and retexturise lifeless hair that’s been stripped by chemical treatments.

Hair drinks in this conditioner. You can actually feel a change in the texture as you’re applying it. It’s hard to explain, but hair feels like it’s been separated into thick ribbony sections.

Once rinsed out and blow dried, there’s an immediate ‘smoothing’ change in texture. Because I don’t want to lose this and I think I might if I used every time I washed my hair, I only use this conditioner once a week.

RECORRECT™ Leave In Treatment 150ml £9.33

Intense nourishment for over processed hair. Restores and retexturise porous and damaged hair, helps prevent colour fade.

My hair really needs this, which is OK because the tube is going to last forever. You think it isn’t going to be rich because it almost disappears when applied, but it really is dense, so only use a pea sized amount each time.

I’m not sure about combing from roots to ends of the hair, I think it’s too heavy for that, I apply it to the last two inches of my hair which is the oldest, ends always need a moisture boost.

 REGLOSSE™ Smoothing Serum 50ml £8.00

Like a glossing top coat for hair, the REGLOSSE™ Smoothing Serum repairs split ends and smoothes unruly flyaways for a radiant, silky soft finish.

Only cutting them off will really repair split ends, but this serum smooths them down and kills frizz. It also gives hair a glossy shine, although only apply to the lower third lengths.

Again, it’s another rich formulation – a full pump is too much, even a half pump is pushing it, so use a light touch.

GSP-T Swiss Grape For Repair and RadianceCELLUTENSIVE™ Masque 150ml £12.67

Deeply nourishing treatment. Contains powerful repairing actives to prolong vibrancy and shine with lightweight, yet deep conditioning.

I really like this, it’s a heavy-duty treatment. After application, I wrap my hair in a towel turban, which has been soaked in very hot water. Wring it out wearing rubber gloves and it’ll be cooler to the touch by the time you wrap it around your head, but will still retain the heat.

CELLUCOVERY™ Scalp Tonic Treatment 50ml £12.67

Uses a concentrated amount of cellular plant properties to protect the longevity of hair cells. The science works to stimulate, nourish and rejuvenate hair follicles.

Salon Science are huge on scalp health. I always think of the scalp as a lawn, look after it, feed it with nutrients and watch it grow!

I apply a lot of products to my hair in the morning, so I use this last thing at night, which means I can spend a little more time massaging it in.

PhytoCellTec™ Swiss Apple For Anti-Ageing and Restored Volume


After reading more about the HYDRALUXE™ range for hydration and scalp relief, I’ve purchased the Hydrafoliant Scalp Scrub 100ml £8.00

I use it once a month to help reduce build up from hair products and to stimulate my scalp. It’s fairly grainy (the ‘scrub part’ of course), so be sure to always rinse well afterwards.

I’ve also found another use for it for my mum – it’s great for removing stubborn dark hair dye from the scalp that just won’t budge.


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