REVIEW: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs -Tan Glow

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Light Glow

So much for auto-save! I lost an entire post, so I’m cutting the waffle and diving straight in.

I first reviewed Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in this post, but I’m giving you an update to say shade TAN GLOW is fake tan perfection! It’s the shade of dreams, not a hint of fakeness to it, just a beautiful natural looking glow. No, that’s wrong, not glow, that sounds as if it has light reflecting particles in it, it doesn’t, there’s zero shimmer.

Of course, strictly speaking, it’s leg makeup, but because of that, it covers all imperfections. You now have the perfect cover-up for any blemishes or discolouration (which, by the way, seem to appear overnight once you’ve hit 50), and a perfect shade of flawless golden tan.

I’m very pale and resisted Tan Glow for years because I thought it would be too intense for me, but I’m so pleased I tried it. I just wish they made a similar product for the rest of the body.

The colour won’t stain your clothes, run in the rain, or leave marks on white sandals. It stays put until you exfoliate it off in the bath or shower, even then you have to rub vigorously.


  • Shake can well
  • Spray directly on to hand and apply evenly all over legs
  • Allow to set for 60 seconds before dressing
  • Easily removed with soap, water and a face cloth

I’d actually forgotten that you don’t spray it directly onto legs and obviously didn’t read the instructions. It sprayed everywhere and made the tiles very slippy.

After you squirt a little bit into the palm of your hand, you have to rub in it in like fury, it dries VERY quickly, you have 0.1 of a second to blend it.


Light Glow – Apply under or over bronzer to achieve a beautiful colour

Medium Glow – Not tried this (although I did buy it).

Deep Glow – I wonder if this works on darker skin tones and evens out imperfections to create a uniform colour?

Tan Glow – A gorgeous, natural looking shade.


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs -Tan Glow £9.99 (the price has held steady) Boots * But, it’s on a 3 for 2 offer (10th July 2019).


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