UPDATE: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Light Glow

I had just run out of my little sample bottle of TanOrganic Self-Tanning Oil (lovely product, although you have to scrub off every last trace before you re-apply, it doesn’t like being layered and goes all patchy) and I was looking for another quick and easy leg tan product.

There are so many great reviews of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, I thought I’d give it a shot. I bought the spray version in shade Light Glow.

Now you can give your legs a makeover in just seconds. No sun. No salon. No streaks. Just flawless-looking, irresistible, sexy legs.

This lightweight leg make up, enriched with Palmaria Extract, enhances the coverage of freckles, veins and imperfections. It’s water and transfer resistant.

Although my review can be summed up in two words. American Tan.

Older readers will recognise the name. Back in the day, (I’m talking like I’m 80), tights came in one just ‘skin tone’ colour called American Tan. It was easily the most artificial shade ever created by man (and I’m sure it was a man). The horrible colour is best described as a cross between light orange and pale orange.


  • Light (American Tan)
  • Medium (American Tan)
  • Tan (American Tan)
  • Deep (American Tan)

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Light Tan Glow

Shake can well.
Spray directly onto hand and apply evenly all over legs.
Allow to set for 60 seconds before dressing.
Easily removed with soap, water and a face cloth.


This is my favourite fake tan product for legs. It is so quick and easy. I use a tanning mit to apply, otherwise it does spray all over the place. I use the light version and the colour is very natural. (YOU LIE!) The only downside is the price.

This is by far the best tanning product I have used. Goes on nicely, it just gives you natural (NOPE!) looking tanned legs. I use it all over my body as well. I usually add a bit of moisturiser to my legs first especially my feet so that it glides on even nicer. Can just be washed off as well which is great.

I love the Tan Glow as I am dark-haired but I think if you are paler than the ight or medium would be better. Also I bought the Deep Glow once…never again it was a complete nightmare I thought it was orange. (IT WAS ORANGE!)

It creates a great colour (a more natural cool tone rather than orange – NO, IT DOESN’T) and smooths everything out. A little goes a long way so actually think the price is very good! I use it at least once a fortnight and it has lasted me about a year!
When applying be careful – it dries very quickly so best to work in sections and blend immediately. Much easier on moisturised skin – when sprayed directly on to dry skin it dries and sticks and is difficult to blend out.
It is pretty heavy duty and will last a couple of days, but this will clog your pores! When washing off make sure you exfoliate to get all the product off because the residue will stay for ages. (WORRYING!)

Much better than fake tan, you spray this on and legs look perfect! just have the ‘look’ of wearing good quality sheer tights, (NO, CHEAP AMERICAN TAN ONES) but ‘freedom’ of bare legs, instantly smooth and dry!
Doesn’t not rub off and will last a couple of days. (A COUPLE OF DAYS? THAT’S ME SCRUBBING AWAY IN THE SHOWER TONIGHT WITH A BRILLO PAD THEN).


Now to be fair, Light Glow is not a terrible shade if you want to go bare-legged and you’ll never see 60 again. It is foolproof to apply, just spray it into your hand (not directly onto the legs as I always thought) and it does blend in seamlessly. It evens out skin tone and will cover light blemishes, bruises and tiny veins.

It has a pleasant “Boots, the chemist” scent. It also dries almost instantly (although give it a couple of minutes before getting dressed). It doesn’t come off on clothes, or sandals – remember the early wash off fake tans? When you kicked your shoes off, all the tan would be rubbed away and your feet would be white. This doesn’t happen, Airbrush Legs has fabulous staying power. These are all positive things.

What’s not so great, apart from the colour, is that it’s matt. It looks very flat and unnatural and just screams “LOOK AT ME, I’VE GOT THE WORST FAKE TANNED LEGS IN THE WORLD!

I didn’t realise just how know how fake and mannequin like it looked until I went outside and saw the colour in daylight. For all my frantic rubbing with a wet tissue, the colour stubbornly stayed put. It’s got longevity, I’ll give it that.


I was talking (well moaning really), to a sales assistant about this product and she told me it’s very popular with make up artists. However, they apply it OVER a tan (fake or natural), to ‘lock in’ the colour and give legs (and arms), a flawless, and yes, airbrushed, appearance.

Now I think about, ‘A lister’ celebrities always have the most perfect, even tans on the red carpet and this could be why. Something to consider!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs 75ml £9.99 Boots

18th July 2015 

UPDATE 31st July 2015 

Oh the perils of posting a review too quickly. I must learn to slow down when I’m reviewing cosmetics.

I was a little too hasty posting the above negatives about Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, because, used properly (well, MY way), it’s a really clever time saving product.

True, the main thing I had a problem with it is the unnatural looking shade, the ‘Light Glow’ shade IS American Tan, which IS orangey and fake looking – that’s indisputable.


However, apply it over fake tan (especially if it’s gone all streaky) and it will even out the colour and add a polished (but not shiny), dimension to your legs.

If you do want a little shine, then apply a shimmering bronzer powder on top and suddenly you have legs that look natural and sun-kissed.

Application wise, I think this product is better in lotion form. I just can’t see the benefits of the can packaging.

  • It doesn’t come out as a foam – which would be great by the way
  • You can’t spray it directly onto legs – because it just goes everywhere

Its saving grace is that it dries almost immediately, you have just enough time to blend it in.


I haven’t had a problem with it staining towels or clothes, it didn’t transfer and even stayed put in the rain.


I’m impressed by the longevity, it DOES take a while to scrub it away and actually, if you don’t wash it off, it will last 3 proper showers (using shower foam) before it starts to fade.


You can also layer it over itself. Sometimes, when fake tan goes streaky and you apply another thin layer on top to even it out, you make it a million times worse. Airless Legs behaves itself and you can apply another flawless, fresh coat.


For what it is, it IS very expensive.

A cheaper alternative, though it’s fake tan, not leg make up, is Rimmel SunShimmer Instant Tan Light Tan 12ml £6.99 Boots. I used this years ago and even though it dries almost immediately and is a nightmare to blend (and wash off your hands), it does the trick when the sun makes an unexpected early appearance and you need to cover up pasty legs.


  1. July 18, 2015 / 10:12 am

    I have awful legs bad scarring from DVT in left leg with lots of horrid thread veins on my feet and a huge ulcer scar on my right leg. I tried Airbrush Legs and loved it because it gave me nice enough legs to be on show again. The only thing it doesn’t cover is the bumps of my scars, now I just live with my horrid legs! xx

    • July 30, 2015 / 6:01 pm

      How did you get DVT? From a flight? Sounds horrendous.
      I need to update the post (and possibly eat my words) because I applied a generous layer of Guerlain’s Terracotta Bronzer on top and I’m very impressed with the results. A lovely even finish and a much more natural looking colour.

  2. July 30, 2015 / 6:53 pm

    Ooo I think I might try bronzer on top too! I had my first DVT when I was pregnant at 18, it was the pregnancy that caused it. xxx

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