REVIEW: Richard Ward Anti-Ageing Argan Shampoo & Conditioner

Richard Ward Anti- Ageing Argan Shampoo and Conditioner

When a hair product is labelled ‘Anti-Ageing’ you can be sure what it really means is volumising.

As we age, the hair growth cycle (known as the grow, rest and shed phases), slows down and new hair takes longer to appear. Although, with the onset of menopause, many hair follicles lay dormant and stop producing new hairs altogether. The result is that at the very time when we’re feeling vulnerable because our hormones are causing havoc, our hair strands become weaker and hair looks noticeably thinner.

Volumising hair products (and bleach and hair dye), work to coat strands and swell up the hair shaft. Dry shampoos and hair fibre powders, marketed mainly towards men, but hair is hair after all, mop up grease and create the illusion of plumped up hair.

My problem with volumising shampoos (and powders) is that while they do work, they do tend to dull hair, by making it look matt, and it’s sometimes quite difficult to drag even a wide toothed comb through the hair.

Richard Ward, award-winning celebrity (and Royal, of course), hairdresser, has created a line of Anti-Ageing hair products formulated with Argan oil, plumping  hair and nourishing it at the same time.


The Argan oil in this shampoo and conditioner contains healing and re-juvinating properties to help age-proof hair and boost manageability, while Olea leaf helps restore lustre, shine and condition.

Innovative anti-ageing technologies fortify ageing hair, boosting thickness and volume, helping to strengthen and re-invigorate.

The scent is lightly perfumed and true to the blurb, you need only a little shampoo to lather up.

I find conditioners tend to fall into two camps; ones that lie on the hair, coating strands and the ones that soak into hair immediately. This conditioner is the one that hair greedily drinks up.

The best part comes after you dry your hair (although don’t forget to put the blow dryer down when hair is 80% dry). Hair is volumised (add a few Sleep-In Rollers and you’re sorted for Christmas parties), but the bonus is that there’s a ‘proper’ sheen on the hair – obviously the argan oil at work.

Argan oil products can weigh down hair, (especially if you’re a bit heavy-handed), but there’s something in this formulation that bounces up hair, yet leaves it airy and shiny. It’s this combination makes it different to other anti-ageing (volumising) hair products.

Other products in the Richard Ward range include:

  • Body Building Mousse
  • Intensive Hair Mask
  • Smoothing Elixir

Richard Ward Anti- Ageing ArganSHOPPING INFO

At this reasonable price, and given the fact that you only need a small amount of product each time, I would certainly consider these two products as budget buys.

Richard Ward Argan Anti-Ageing Shampoo 250ml £5.99 John Lewis, Waitrose
Richard Ward Argan Anti-Ageing Conditioner 250ml £5.99 John Lewis, Waitrose


On until 29th December £3.99

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