REVIEW: Revlon Pro Collection One Step Dryer & Volumiser

Revlon Pro Collection One Step Dryer & Volumiser

First the Dyson hair dryer and now this; I seem to have a habit of buying (and returning), expensive hair appliances.


A 2-in-1 styling tool that gives the power of a dryer and the volume of a styler in your hands.

The unique oval design runs through your hair for detangling, drying, extra lift at the roots, smooth volume and curled ends. In one step. Even blow-drying the back of your hair is simple.

Boosted by IONIC TECHNOLOGY™, it transfers airflow instantly to your hair and reduces the time it takes to dry and style, giving you more time to dazzle the world!

It sounds a bit like my beloved BaByliss Big Hair Styler, but this is different because it acts as a rotating brush and hairdryer.

I use the BaByliss on almost dry hair, here I thought, hair could be 70% dry which would help to set my fine hair and hold onto the volume, my hair ‘drops’ very easily.

My hair’s changed a lot over the past few months (the post menopause effect?) there’s no body in it, it wants to hang limp and straight and no amount of super strength mousse will persuade it otherwise.

For an expensive hair tool, the Revlon One Step Dryer & Volumiser looks bulky and cheap. It’s only slighter heavier than the BaByliss Big Styler, weighing in at 0.584 kg compared to Big Styler’s 0.426kg, but because of its chunky size and oval brush, it feels really heavy which is surprising for something billed as lightweight.

I found it easy to use at the front of my hair, but impossible at the back. My fingers really ached from grasping the oversized handle and it felt too cumbersome to manoeuvre efficiently. Reviewers say the oval shape helps to lift hair at the roots, I could never get that far.

It’s true, my (below) shoulder length hair didn’t get tangled up in the bristles, but I did feel the brush tug at my hair when I tried to style it. Again, this could be due to my arms and fingers hurting.

One plus point is that my hair – although not volumised, felt smooth, swishy and ‘salon’ finished, although that wasn’t my aim.

I used it 6 times in 2 weeks, enough to get a proper feel for it. I was half expecting a fight when I returned it after my Dyson experience, but the Manager in Boots was charming and understanding.

Maybe it’s my hair’s problem, not the appliance? Perhaps this isn’t meant for fine hair – although that’s exactly the type of hair that needs the most help. There are lots of very positive reviews and demonstrations on YouTube and no, not just from bloggers and vloggers who might have received it as a freebie, people really seem to like this brush!

For me though, it’s a pass.

Revlon Pro Collection One Step Dryer & Volumiser £59.99


BaByliss DO make a similar product, called the Sheer Volume Ionic Rotating Heated Brush (at a cheeky and over priced £79.99). It doesn’t look as though it creates much volume, it’s more of a ‘replenishing your style between washes/smoothing tool’ device.

I also don’t like the fact it gets so hot (up to 200°c) you have to wear a heat protection glove. It’s essentially, a heavy curling iron with plastic bristles! Another pass.

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    Love your honest reviews! You save me from making some expensive mistakes

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