REVIEW Remington CB65A45 Keratin Brush Styler

Remington CB65A45 Keratin Brush Styler

Here’s a funny one. This clunky and slightly weighty, brush styler, doesn’t blow out hot air or rotate.  It’s not the prettiest hair tool either, looking like it was designed in the Fifties and some of the plastic bristles can feel a little harsh, but it’s easily one of my best hair gadget buys of 2016.

This is ideal if you want to ditch your hair straighteners (poker straight hair is dated anyway), but still want a smooth style. If you want the ends to curl under and hold all day and you’re looking for a salon type finish to your hair, then this might be worth buying. At least the price is attractive at £21.99.

The Remington CB65A45 Keratin Therapy Pro Volume brush brings you an advanced ceramic-coated barrel infused with keratin micro conditioners for healthy volume, bounce and curls. (NOT curls!)

The 45mm mixed bristle brush allows you to refresh your style with ease and add healthy volume. Ceramic coating gives extra shine and protects hair from heat damage.

Variable temperature control with a maximum setting of 180, adapts to your specific hair needs for ultimate control. A heat ready indicator keeps you updated at all times, and a handy automatic safety shut-off after 60 minutes provides peace of mind.

It’s actually a bit like a giant heated roller with comb bristles, to be used on dry (or very nearly dry) hair.

I can’t honestly say it’s much good for curls. I think it’s too unwieldy to produce proper ‘all over’ curls. But it does create volume and bounce and leaves hair with a professionally looking polished blow dry.


  • Switch on to the 120°c or 180°c setting, it’s ready when the flashing red light turns steady.
  • Always use a heat protection spray.
  • Hold the brush horizontally and wind your hair downwards around the barrel.
  • Hold for 10 seconds, hit the release button and repeat.


  • Stick with the 120°c setting, it’s kinder to your hair, maybe count to 15 seconds for strong hold.
  • Be careful if you have long hair, mine got tangled in the brush when I rolled it all the way up. It might have been my fault, but I now either use it on the roots or the lower third of my hair, it still volumises.
  • Limit use to two or three times a week.


I bought this styler because my second Babyliss Big Hair Brush, died a death 6 weeks after the 3 year guarantee ran out – this also happened with my first one. I’m not saying they’ve been built that way, but… #conspiracytheory

I couldn’t get the old version (the best!) so had to buy the new and improved Big Hair and whether the stiff bristles haven’t been broken in yet or they’ve messed up the design, it just doesn’t do the job and actually leaves my hair frizzy and flyaway.

Admittedly, I did buy the Remington brush thinking it was a rotating blow dry brush, but once I got used to it – and as  I said above, it is a bit clanky at first, I now can’t live without it. It’s going to be a challenge to take it on holiday though, but it must come with me.

The styler heats up quickly and it has a good-sized cool tip which makes a nice change; this means handling is easier and safer than a lot of other (more expensive) hair tools.

The release button works well. I’m not sure if the bristles retract, but it does release hair from the barrel, don’t roll up too much hair though.

On the negative side, the toggle settings are positioned badly on the handle, and it’s easy to switch it off when you’re using it.

Some reviewers say that it feels a bit cheap and screws start to loosen after 18 months – worrying, but it does come with a 3 year guarantee. Also, at £25.00, it’s not a huge outlay. How many of us thought we’d ever pay over £100 for a pair of hair straighteners?

This brush will tame frizz, I’m never sure about these coated barrel infused with keratin claims, but it does seem to work. In the beginning I used the brush on my fringe, where hair is obviously thinner, and it left it shiny, but a bit greasy.

The best thing though, is that if you tuck under/flick out the ends of your hair – fantastic for fine hair which can look ratty if left straight, it really will hold all day, I’m talking 7am to 12 midnight with a hint of shine on the ends.

Remington CB65A45 Keratin Brush Styler £21.99 (I bought mine from John Lewis)


John Lewis, Boots, Amazon, most places!

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