REVIEW PIXI Correction Concentrate – Brightening Peach

PIXI Correction Concentrate - Shade Brightening Peach

I didn’t intend to buy this corrector, I was buying a bottle of Pixi Retinol Tonic and popped it into my basket. This has become a bit of a cult product and I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

Plus the BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector is being discontinued as the company is sadly going out of business – thanks Covid. BECCA had some great products, their Beach Tint in Watermelon was my all-time favourite blusher.


Highly pigmented, this correction concealer instantly erases darkness, softens and blurs lines.

Skin immediately looks fresh, rested, bright and youthful.


The first thing you need to know is that the pot is tiny, yet the box it came in is huge. I don’t feel my fingers are particularly sausage-like, but I felt like I was dipping a giant paw into the jar.
PIXI Correction Concentrate - Shade Brightening Peach

I don’t like applying concealer or corrector with a brush, I prefer the warmth of my fingers to let it melt for a second and then dab/blend it in for a seamless finish.

That’s going to be impossible here, I can imagine the product would collect under my fingernails and gross me out, so I’m going to have to buy disposable foam-tipped applicators and use my little finger to blend.

The second thing is that the shade, Brightening Peach is much darker than the photos on shopping websites or indeed taken by bloggers who usually describe this shade as salmon pink. It’s not, it leans more to a pink/apricot colour.

To confuse you even more there’s another shade created for darker skin tones, called Awakening Apricot which leans towards orange.

The third thing I should say and I’ve left the important point for last, is that this corrector is simply MAGIC!

Believe the hype if you have fair skin. My dark inner corners DISAPPEARED after the first application – just like that. (Ref for the oldies here).

I normally use the very similar, but more pearly – and more user-friendly, Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector in the summer (but of course it’s no longer available) and the yellow toned Bobbi Brown Corrector in winter, but this product is in a whole new league.


As amazing as this product is, there are a few things to bear in mind.

The texture feels almost creamy at first, but I’ve noticed it dries down very fast. You definitely have to apply a little eye cream first to moisturise the area so it’s doesn’t creep into any tiny lines.

Application needs to be very lighthanded, it’s a mean little jar but it will last a long time. You need to gently blend it in and check in the mirror from all angles that there’s no telltale pink residue.

I only apply this on the inner corners of my eyes, I tried it elsewhere and it wasn’t great. For any blemishes, I will continue to use the thin, but buildable Glossier Stretch Concealer.

This corrector also didn’t work too well on my under-eye circles, but no panic. They’ve vastly improved since I started to gently tap the orbital bone with my index and second fingers when applying eye cream. I’m currently using Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment. * I like this eye cream very much, it’s extremely hydrating for dry under-eyes, but it’s very thick and takes a lot of tapping before it fully absorbs.

I should add that tapping brings blood flow to the under-eye area and helps to diminish the darkness. It’s not dragging or stretching the thin skin on this delicate area, just a little tap, tap is all you need.


PIXI Correction Concentrate Brightening Peach 3g £14.00 Marks & Spencer * Not the apricot one though. Boots *

Official PIXI website – both shades!

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