It’s a puzzle to me why there are only a handful of products specifically formulated for menopausal skin. We’re all going to go through menopause and there are creams, lotions and serums for every skin need you can imagine and yet targeted products for hormonal skin are still thin on the ground.

Maybe part of the reason is the amount of research, the quality of ingredients and new skin care technology (because menopausal skin is different and unpredictable), that’s required for the development of these creams.

Phytomone’s ‘Pause Hydra Crème’ is an intense anti-ageing ‘repair’ cream for 40 plus, menopausal women.

Phytomone is the first premium skin care collection to be nutritionally tailored by a team of skin therapists, clinical nutritionists and cosmetic chemists to provide hormonally changing skin with the specific cell nutrients it requires during menopause.

It is the brain child of Jane Atherton, a member of the British Menopause Society, a fully qualified skin therapist, clinical nutritionist and author of two books on menopause. Phytomone


  • MOISTURISER – Feeds skin with micro nutrients
  • SERUM – Powerful collagen booster with 3D plumping effect
  • EYE CREAM – instantly hydrates and smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • NECK CREAM – Protects dermal skin cells, increases density and helps regain firmness


Pause Hydra Crème is expertly formulated to include the latest in scientific advances, including phyto stem cell technology and powerful plant hormones, together with superior oils chosen for their topical nutritional bioavailability and effectiveness in penetrating the skin’s dermal layers.

The cream was in development for almost four years, during which time over 50 formulas were rejected. It was very important to us to get this formulation right, especially as we were dealing with bio-hormones.
What we were creating was not just another anti-ageing cream, but a ‘serious’ skin care treatment. In addition, the synergy of phyto-hormones, therapeutic essential oils and infusions of wild yam and sage had to work well to address the concerns of hormonal skin. Jane Atherton

From the heavy glass ‘airless pump’ bottle (see quote below) to the red fan included with the cream, the packaging is luxurious with a scientific twist.

To protect the precious ingredients in Pause Hydra Crème, it has been encapsulated in a unique airless pump. Special actives used in well formulated creams are very volatile and will oxidise once exposed to air, leaving you with nothing more than a basic moisturiser. This airless pump ensures the product stays fresh and ‘alive’ right down to the last application.

Pause Hydra Crème - Skin treat, skin repair.Pause Hydra Crème – Skin treat, skin repair.

The cream has an immediate cooling effect on skin, which many reviewers on the Facebook site have commented on. This helps to calm skin, especially on the cheeks.

It’s rich in texture, best described as a ‘slippy’ moisturiser – I think that’s the ‘serum’ part of it, which means you need to use less as it spreads out well, but it certainly doesn’t feel ‘heavy’ on skin.

It doesn’t leave a film or clog up pores, it smooths over the skin and is easily absorbed.

Even though the formulation contains essential oils, it’s non greasy under foundation (the ‘serum’ part?) which means my make up doesn’t slide off during the day and my face doesn’t go shiny.

It IS expensive, but you’re paying for the complex ingredients, pioneering research into menopausal skin behaviour and product development.

Not every day, I use this cream on and off when my skin is going through a bad patch (peri-menopause, is that you playing with my hormones?) I feel I need this cream to rebalance my skin, especially when it becomes sore and ‘tight’ for no reason whatsoever.

That’s actually the scary thing about peri-menopause/menopause and I do understand why emotions run high at this time; you never know when (or why) your hair and skin will decide to ‘freak out’ on you. Perfect hair, skin and make up one day, a frizzy haired, dry skinned nightmare the next.

Included with each bottle of Hydra Pause Crème is a Lady’s Handbook called The Menopause Secret written by Jane Atherton. 

Very informative, I know what I have to look forward to now. Plenty of advice, information and tips on what to do when it’s your turn.

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 20.44.49
2ml sachet of Pause Hydra Crème for £2.47
Phytomone Shop

Phytomone run a Facebook page called Menopause Remedies – a place for Menopausal women to share their experiences and support one another with practical advice.

One member asked for Jane for help because she was ‘suffering with unbearably itchy skin.’
Here’s Jane’s reply:

Lack of oestrogen causes skin to become thin and dry, also skin cell renewal slows down, which can all contribute to itchy skin. Make sure your showers/baths aren’t too hot as this can dry out skin even more.
Exfoliate 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin cells, use a nourishing body oil to feed the skin and try eating more foods with omega 3 to protect cell membranes.
You may need to change your skin care products and even your washing powder. Changing hormone levels could leave you sensitive to products that you have been using in the past.

Pause Hydra Crème 50ml Glass Bottle Airless Pump System £128.00
Phytomone Website

Menopause is the last big hurdle for many women. Because we’re all individual, it’s going to treat us in different ways. We all long to be the woman we hear about who sails through it unscathed, (does she really exist?), but we just don’t know until we experience it for ourselves.

Information is key here, the more you know, the less challenging menopause will be. I’m going to arm myself with as much knowledge as I possibly can, I hope Unfading Beauty goes a little way to helping you too.


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    Funny in a twitter chat recently – we were talking about teens advertising anti-wrinkle cream and I mentioned that I had never seen a product aimed at menopausal skin and here one is.

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