Review: Phyto Huile d’Alès Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment

Phyto Huile d'Alès Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment

It doesn’t matter how old you are, the ends of your hair will always be the first casualty of highlighting, colouring, hair dryers, straighteners and sunshine. The ends dry out, split and suffer greatly from being the oldest hair on your head. Hurtling towards 50 with the peri-menopause looming doesn’t help matters much either.

Helping to put the moisture back, is a pre-shampoo treatment formulated for dry hair by French botanical hair care company Phyto (Latin for plant), and named after the founder, Patrick Alès – Huile D’Alès Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment.

Phyto Huile D'Ales Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment

The ingredients include a unique blend of essential oils of Sage, Lemon, Rosemary and Juniper Berries but do not contain Parabens, Sulphates, Petrochemicals or Synthetic Dyes or Fragrances.

Phyto Huile D’Ales Intense Hydrating Oil claims to a restore healthy radiance to dry hair and you know what? It does!

The pack contains a spray bottle and 5 ampoules of 10ml of oil and is priced at £14.50. I can’t find it any cheaper on the net, but do have a few money saving tips, see further down. It’s an expensive treatment, especially if you have long hair as one ampoule won’t be enough, but the improvement to the texture and feel of your hair is immediate.

The glass spray bottle and the glass ampoules feel rather delicate as the glass is quite thin. However, I’m happy to say they were robust enough to survive being drop kicked over the garden fence by our postie.

I snapped off one end and held the ampoule over the spray bottle and…nothing. You actually have to snap both ends to release what I assume, is some sort of ‘vacuum’ to enable the liquid to flow into the bottle. Not being very bright having read the instructions, I didn’t know this and was examining the vial after I snapped the second end, when half the contents poured down the plughole, an expensive mistake I will not be making again.

Do not take this into the shower until after you’ve poured the oil into the bottle, it’s too dangerous otherwise.  The smell isn’t great, think ‘organic disinfectant’ but it’s a small price to pay for a product without artificial fragrance and the scent doesn’t linger on your hair when it’s washed out.

My hair is just below shoulder length and I sprayed from a third down and massaged it in, it absorbs really quickly and is a bit sticky, but definitely not greasy or ‘drippy’. Hair does become a little ‘matty’ and there’s a distinct whiff of ‘old towels’ from the ends of your hair. I left it on for 30 minutes but I know now that for maximum benefit, it should be left on overnight.

Recommended for dry, brittle or dull hair, split ends or chemically processed hair. Essential oils smooth the hair’s keratin fibre and condition and protect the hair shaft from further damage. Castor oil revives shine and lustre.

As with other pre-shampoo treatments, you don’t need a lot of shampoo to create a lather, I just lightly shampoo twice and rinse thoroughly.

Phyto Huile D'Ales Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment

All the faffing about is absolutely worth it. You might not detect any difference when combing through your hair and blow drying, because it’s afterwards that you see the magic. Not only was my hair shiny (almost impossible to get shine on blonde hair), there was absolutely no frizz or greasiness, BUT the ends felt full.  You know how the ends feel after a haircut? THAT texture, from the very first use.

My hair stayed soft, shiny and frizz free all day (and the next). The effect is supposed to be accumulative and the advice is to use it at least once a week, but I will spray the ends before every wash, IF my second lot ever arrives that is.

I went to the Phyto salon and they recommended this product for me to use overnight. It truly makes a difference in just one application. I have thick, wavy and dry hair and this is the best treatment I have ever used. It is a little messy and difficult to apply but it is well worth it.

I have fine, thin hair so highlight several times a year which requires frequent cuts just for the burnt ends. This product restored some very damaged hair and because of the spray applicator, I can apply it only to the areas that need it, leaving the rest of my oily hair untreated. Since I don’t need to use the entire ampoule each time, it’s really economical considering the gratifying results.

To stretch this product and make it more economical to use, I suggest using a third of a bottle on the very ends only (that’s all a third of a bottle will cover anyway) at night and saving a whole ampoule for special occasions.

I bought mine on special offer from Look Fantastic: ‘Buy two and get a 15ml tube of Phyto Phytodefrisant Balm free’ Which I did, but they ran out of stock and have only sent me one so far.  I did get the balm though, which sounds promising.

Dry Frizzy Hair? This stuff is magic! Just about the best hair product I have ever used. I have long frizzy wavy hair and no amount of conditioning seems to make any difference. You only need a tiny dab of this product on washed hair and your hair will feel like silk after blow drying. Apparently the more you use it, the smoother and shinier your hair becomes. Love it!

I also received 12% off my order using a code from Voucher Codes It’s always worth checking these voucher sites (they publish a code which you enter before purchasing your product).  Annoyingly, the vouchers they always seem to  have expired by the time I think of them, but I have saved money in the past. Don’t mess around subscribing to them or you’ll be inundated with emails and put on a spam list, just check the sites when you’re making purchases.

Worryingly, it seems to be out of stock on a lot of websites. There are plenty for sale on Amazon and eBay, but of course, they slap on another £3 or £4 to the price. It’s worth going on a wait list at a reputable site.

Look Fantastic Phyto Huile D’Ales Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment £14.50

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