REVIEW Pearl Drops Instant White Plus

Pearl Drops Instant White Plus

The first thing you need to know is that this instant teeth whitening toothpaste really does work. The second, is that you have to be very careful how you use it.

NEW Pearl Drops Instant White with Pro-Shine complex

The 4D Whitening System goes beyond regular whitening toothpaste, using a unique blend of polishing agents to help lift stains and plaque, accelerating whitening by up to 2 shades in just 1 week.

Whiter teeth are younger looking teeth. Yellow, stained teeth are ageing and if you’re a regular coffee drinker like me, then your teeth are especially prone to discolouration.

I’ve reviewed Pearl Drops teeth whitening products before. I’ve had excellent long-term success with Lasting Flawless White Tooth Polish, although it did take just over 3 months to eliminate that stubborn coffee stain completely.

Plus, I always have a couple of tubes of Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum on hand, which I rate very highly – and bonus, my dentist doesn’t detect it!

Pearl Drops Instant White Plus is on special offer in Tesco, priced at £2.50 instead of RRP £4.99. Mark spotted it when he was buying Easter eggs. He’s been back several times since, (because we ate all the eggs during a particularly tense episode of The Walking Dead) to stock up on more eggs tubes of Instant White Plus.

There’s a scathing ‘one star’ review on Boots website and I do get where the reviewer’s coming from:

The product is bright pink and this extreme colouring has left my gums, mouth and lips sore – which has never happened with Pro-White! I also use a different toothpaste each morning and have found I’m still spitting pale pink residue from the night before!

I must admit, I also experienced a mild tingling sensation the very first time I used it. My mouth wasn’t sore, but it was definitely a bit stingy.


The Pro-Shine complex and gentle pink dye gives an instant optical whitening effect and gloss.

The paste itself is quite thin and it’s not a gentle pink, it’s bright fuchsia. It’s this vivid pinkness that’s the problem. The slight foaming action stains (albeit temporarily), toothbrushes, the sink, lips and hands. I put my hand down on some foam and the pink on my palm was still there the next morning. Although, I should note that it didn’t stain sheets or clothing.

Secondly, and this is the good bit, it significantly whitened my teeth (and the teeth of everyone else who used it), in a mere two days. Teeth ARE glossy too, absolutely amazing, plus it doesn’t feel at all abrasive the way a lot of whitening toothpaste tend to be.

It absolutely delivers on its promise and we’re going to buy more, this is one of the best and cheapest, teeth whitening products I’ve ever used.

Just think pink and use with caution!

 Pearl Drops Instant White Plus 50ml £2.50 Tesco (at 28/3/16)

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