REVIEW Olay AHA Resurfacing Peel Face Mask

Olay AHA Resurfacing Peel Face Mask

I bought the Olay Resurfacing Mask kit a couple of weeks ago when Boots ran a ‘£10.00 on Tuesday’ promotion. It’s usually a small but varied selection.

Vitamin C resurfacing kits are very popular, the Olay one appears to be a (much cheaper) dupe of Philosophy’s much loved Microdelivery Vitamin C Resurfacing Peptide Peel Kit which is £59.50.


The Resurfacing Treatment with Vitamin C exfoliates and renews your skin’s surface while the AHA Peel removes impurities.

Plus, our friend Hydrated Silica works hard to polish away dirt and oil – then kindly dissolves to prevent over scrubbing.

It’s gentle enough to enjoy once or twice a week. See true skin transformation after 28 days of using Olay.


It’s probably something to do with labeling laws, but the same Olay product sold in the US states it is Vitamin C + AHA Resurfacing Peel on the packaging, whereas in Europe it just says citrus fragrance. Interesting.


  • Apply the Resurfacing Mask (about the size of a 10p piece) to a clean, dry face.
  • Cover the entire face with the mask, avoiding the eye area, and gently massage for up to 1 minute.
  • Apply a generous amount of AHA Peel Activator over the resurfacing mask.
  • The two formulas combine to create a white foam and gentle warming sensation.
  • Massage until resurfacing crystals dissolve for up to 1 minute.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat skin dry.
  • Obviously, do not use on damaged or broken skin.


I admit it. I bought this because there were two parts to it and I’m a sucker for products you mix or layer. It’s just my thing.

However, I can truthfully say I’ve never experienced better results with any other exfoliant.

The problem is, it’s not pleasant to use at all.

The ad boldly claims:

It’s a spa-like experience for you and a revitalising experience for your skin.

That’s just not true.

The resurfacing mask looks and smells, delicious. It’s akin to an indulgent luxury body scrub, but when you apply it to your face…

OMG! It’s like washing your face with grit. If a beauty therapist applied this to my face in a spa, I’d slap her into next week. It feels so harsh, like a heavy-duty skin blasting procedure where they use a machine to take off the top layer of skin. I imagine this is what tattoo removal feels like.

I thought that’s it, my face is going to be sore and burning for the rest of the week. Why didn’t I do a patch test first?

But, I persevered and massaged it very gently with the tips of my fingers as if I was washing a kitten, it felt pleasantly warm but it still hurt.

I applied the peel activator, it foamed up just a bit (I was expecting more bubbles) and I felt slight relief.

I rinsed it all off with warm water as directed and gingerly used wet cotton pads to remove all of it completely.

The result was THE smoothest skin I’ve ever experienced and I have an arsenal of exfoliants I love. My face wasn’t red and angry, or dry and tight, just pink and glowy.

I wouldn’t dream of using it twice a week as suggested though. I have to brace myself to use it every two weeks. But I have also used it with great success on the backs of my hands and on my shins – which become very dry as you get older. Skin is silky smooth.

This product truly delivers. Just be cautious if you have delicate fairy princess skin.


Slather on sunscreen afterward. You’ve hopefully sloughed off a thin layer of dead skin cells so protect that newly revealed skin.

The product left a slightly powdery cast on my nails. Nothing too sinister, but it did lift my Nails Inc Nailkale Base Coat, a product I highly recommend by the way.

This base coat contains kale, keratin, and nourishing vitamins to strengthen and encourage the growth of healthier nails and has really improved the condition of my nails. A bit pricey at £15.00 but it dries in seconds and has a semi-gloss finish that mimics the look of buffed nails. More importantly, though, it seems to have kept my cuticles and hangnails at bay. Like most people, I haven’t had a manicure since February, but you’d never know.

Nails Inc Superfood Base Coat


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