REVIEW: NYX Sparkle Nude 625 Jumbo Eye Pencil

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Sparkle Nude 625

This is my third, (the other two are Milk and Cashmere), NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. I’m happy to say, it’s another winner. No wonder make up lovers collect these very affordable pencils in every shade.

I was going to say Sparkle Nude 625 packs a huge punch of shimmer, but actually, it’s less of a punch and more a like a giant whack of FULL ON glamour.

NYX Sparkle Nude 625 Jumbo Eye Pencil

Night time wear only, Sparkle Nude is a glittery, pale bronze shade. Full of pigment, very smooth to apply and, despite what I think of as the creamiest Jumbo Eye Pencil, long-lasting. Out of the three pencils, this one was the hardest to shift. That glitter really likes to hold on.

I know that looking at the swatch (which is very close to the real colour), that it looks as if the glitter particles might be a little ‘gritty’ but they’re not at all. The formula is surprisingly silky and doesn’t tug on your delicate eyelids.


Much like the Cashmere shade, it can be used as an eyeliner, but not on pale skin. I did try it, but it made my eyes look a bit sore and watery.

A single thick line on the upper lids on darker skin tones, would look spectacular.


A lot reviewers complain that these shimmery shades from the Jumbo collection tend to crease a lot, and suggest you should apply this pencil on top of a good primer. Good advice, I can see it sliding off otherwise.

NYX Sparkle Nude 625 Jumbo Eye Pencil

I’m almost certain this is a new lid design, it feels much sturdier.


The casing is plastic, not wood, and apparently it doesn’t fit all jumbo pencil sharpeners, although I know it works well with the Charlotte Tilbury pencil sharpener.

Oily or waxy eye pencils are of course softer and the tip here (as with all eye pencils really), is to pop the pencil in the fridge or freezer first to firm up the lead.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil £5.00 (plus £5.00 P&P) Website

I bought my pencils from Amazon UK, the seller is Secretly Vain, their pencils are genuine NYX products. £5.30 plus Free Delivery.

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  1. October 7, 2015 / 1:22 am

    So pretty!! I need them!

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