REVIEW: NUXE Nuxuriance Anti-Aging Re-Densifying Day Emulsion


I started to trial Nuxuriance® Intense Anti-Aging Re-Densifying Emulsion exactly 6 weeks ago. As you can see from the image below, I used it every last bit of it but I’m confident you could squeeze 7 or even 8 weeks from the jar, as I probably used too much in the early days. To say I love this product it is a bit of an understatement.

NUXE Intense Anti-Ageing Re-Densifying Nuxuriance® Emulsion

I was looking to test this and the Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser. I chose the Nuxe one first, as to be honest, I didn’t know much about it and thought it was the lesser product – WRONG!

It’s rather glamorously packaged in a heavy, green glass jar with a gold coloured lid. The scent, described by some as floral, reminds me of one those air-conditioned pharmacies you only find on holiday.

Described as an emulsion, it feels more like a slippy, dense cream; the colour is an unusual off white.

Surprisingly, for a day cream, it doesn’t contain sunscreen, something to be aware of. Then again, I only used it at night, as I found it too sticky on my skin to apply make up over it. The one time I did use it under foundation, it made my skin look shiny and it felt ‘tacky’.

Now the good stuff! Throughout the 6 weeks, I didn’t have one spot or blemish and zero dryness. This was the only product I used, I skipped two nights at most.

My skin is baby soft and whilst my pores haven’t noticeably tightened, my skin as a whole, is visibly smoother and yes a little bit ‘brighter’ looking.

But those are not the reasons I adore this product. After spending a staggering £75 on a cream specifically targeted to the décolletage area, with zero results, I’ve now got into the habit of applying any moisturiser/cream/serum I’m using on my face, on my chest.

I didn’t notice anything for the first few weeks, but the deep creases and texture on my décolletage has improved significantly.  An unexpected, but very welcome surprise.

I’m beginning to wonder what would happen if I used this for a longer period of time. Actually, I won’t need to wonder too long because after I’ve trialled Liz Earle Superskin™ Moisturiser I’m going to buy a couple of jars to use solely on my chest area.

This is a brilliant discovery for me. I’ve not seen many reviews on the net, so if anyone has used it, or decides to try it, please let know your thoughts. The few reviews I’ve read have not described it as sticky, which is definitely was for me, so I would be interested to know what others think of this cream.

It’s priced at £43 at Marks and Spencer, but if you search the net you can find it for between £32 at Amazon  and £38 from the Life and Looks website.

NUXE Nuxuriance® Intense Anti-Aging Re-Densifying Emulsion

Official UK Nuxe website is here


4th March 2013

nuxe jar123

You will probably know NUXE, the luxury French skin care brand, from their versatile and gorgeously scented, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil. I’ve just drained the last drops from the teeny bottle I got with a Glossybox last year.

The Nuxe Nuxuriance Anti-Aging Re-Densifying Emulsion is part of the Nuxuriance programme that was specifically formulated to deliver effective help for skin weakened by hormonal changes.

It intensely re-densifies, evens out the complexion and restores radiance. It tightens the pores and refines and leaves the skin texture looking matte.

  • 86% ingredients of natural origin – Excellent
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Well known for its hydrating properties
  • Phenoxyethanol and Paraben FREE – Phew!
  • No sunscreen – Oh, that’s definitely something to be aware of

If you’re wondering why ‘paraben-free’ has become such a buzz word in cosmetic circles lately, it’s because parabens are used as cheap synthetic preservatives often found in beauty products to prolong their shelf life.

Various studies have shown that parabens can enter your body through your skin and interfere with your endocrine system, a collection of glands that secrete hormones directly into your bloodstream. Parabens can also cause skin irritation in people with rosacea. As I have an underactive thyroid gland AND roseaca, I’d rather choose a ‘paraben-free’ product when possible.

To keep it in perspective however, there is always some sort of health scare these days, but it helps to stay informed.

NUXE Nuxuriance Emulsion Jour Anti-Aging Re-Densifying Day Cream

With daily use of this formula, you should notice a healthier looking and more radiant complexion. NUXE Nuxuriance Anti-Aging Re-Densifying Day Emulsion also endeavors to reduce the effects of hormonal changes on skin. Unfortunately, your hormones can have an impact on your skin as you age – you don’t say?

I’ll let know what happens in 6 weeks.

Usually priced at £42.70, NVS Pharmacy have it on sale for £38.43.

As always, shop around for the best price. SKU# NX045 NUXE Nuxuriance Anti-Aging Re-Densifying Day Emulsion


  1. May 6, 2013 / 8:10 am

    Hi, I’ve just started using this cream too (I have the dry skin variant). I was disappointed to find that it’s too rich to use under my daily foundation – it makes the foundation look tacky, just as you say. I have been using it during the day and at night, but will be using it just at night from now on so I can continue with using my foundation. Coincidentally, I have rosacea too, and this cream is nice and gentle. I wonder what kind of anti-ageing effects it will (hopefully) have on my skin. I’m hoping for an improvement on the dryness – if the skin around my eyes would brighten up and looks less papery I’d be overjoyed. I’ve got about 4 weeks to go till this is finished. I do resent paying over about £25 for any one beauty product, however, and my search continues for a paraben free, good quality moisturised and a cleanser for less than £25. I’m looking forward to hearing your Liz Earle review in that case. I love her cream cleanser, but it only lasts me one month, so it’s too expensive for me at the moment. I’m going to try Pond’s!

  2. May 7, 2013 / 1:18 pm

    Hi Simone,

    I don’t think you’ll notice anything for perhaps a good 3 weeks, I’d be interested to hear back from you when you’ve finished the jar. Perhaps it’s the unusual texture and ‘feel’ of the cream, but it did definitely ‘brighten’ my skin and the skin on my chest area showed a dramatic improvement.

    For a rosacea treatment, do a search on here for MARIO BADESCU CONTROL CREAM I’ve only just started using this so too early to say, but it does calm down redness. Again it’s a bit of a strange texture, it reminds me a lot of Sudocrem (which my mum uses on her chapped hands) and the main ingredient – Balsam Peru, can also be found in nappy creams – it all makes sense now!

    It’s marketed as an ‘anti-redness’ cream. It’s fairly messy to use and stung very slightly upon application, but it did work the two times I used it, I do need to try it out for longer though.

    A huge negative is that I can’t use it under foundation at all. It feels a bit stiff and is nigh on impossible to blend. On the plus side, yes, it will calm redness and you only need to use a tiny amount so it’s economical.

    Liz Earle cleanser – It’s the only one I can work into my lashes (I only use waterproof mascara because of watery eyes) that doesn’t sting, but I’ll be posting a little tip during the week that might help stretch it out a bit.

    • May 10, 2013 / 11:36 am

      Thanks for the MARIO BADESCU CONTROL CREAM tip. I’ve actually tried using sudocream before, as well as a generic zinc oxide and calamine cream, both as night creams, but really neither had any effect. I think my rosacea is – probably the same as most people’s – a sign of something systemic or hormonal that can’t be identified. I developed it suddenly when I was about 27, having never had flushing or redness previously. It’s calmed down since its first entrance into my life, but I occasionally experience hot flushes on my face, neck and chest – I noticed that happening when I was very anxious (giving a presentation when I was new to public speaking) or upon having some kinds of white wine. My main problem with it now is simply the red veins on my face and the mottled/ruddy complexion it’s left me with. Not a big complaint in the grand scheme of Life’s Serious Problems, so I’ve resigned myself to wearing foundation everyday to cover it up (although foundation only dampens the redness rather than covering it).

      I’ll look forward to reading your tips on prolonging the volume of Liz Earle cream cleanser!

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