REVIEW: Nurture Replenish

Nurture Replenish

Hormonal changes run riot during menopause, but fortunately, we’re seeing more brands creating products to address our different hair and skin care needs.

I’ve trialled a few products (for over 4 mouths) from the Nurture Replenish* range, specifically for women who have gone through/are going through the menopause, but I think some of these products will be beneficial to younger women as well.


The range combines expert knowledge of leading doctors, dermatologists and tricholosists to take a 2-step holistic approach to optimal skin and hair health.

Each product has been carefully formulated to combat the effects of changing hormone levels on skin and hair during and after the menopause.

All products contain phytoestogens (natural plant oestrogens) which help to replenish natural hormone levels and reveal a radiant and healthy complexion.


A unique supplement designed to replenish skin during and after the menopause.

Day tablets

  • Natural plant oestrogens from soy bean extract to help replenish the body’s natural oestrogen levels which decrease as we age.

Night-repair capsules

  • Essential fatty acids from omega 3.
  • High strength antioxidants lycopene and vitamin E to help protect and repair overnight.


After reading the reviews and noticing that these supplements seem to work particularly well on excessively dry skin, I passed this to a post menopausal friend whose skin was so flakey she used sellotape to ‘lift’ the dry bits off before applying foundation. Obviously, I don’t recommend this, but I do recall doing something similar when I was a teen after I dried out my skin with spot cream!

She found a noticeable reduction in dryness after taking the supplements for just one month. I did think it was down to the night repair capsules and the combination of omega 3 and vitamin E. But perhaps, the day tablets propping up her oestrogen levels also contributed?

NURTURE REPLENISH 10-in-1 HAIR OIL 100ml £11.95

Contains natural oils and phytoestrogens to improve the condition of mature hair and has an amazing 10 benefits in this one treatment oil.

    • Moisturise hair
    • Boost shine
    • Provide colour protection
    • Improve softness and smoothness
    • Protect against damage
    • Improve manageability
    • Increase strength
    • Provide anti-breakage protection
    • Protect against heat
    • Improve hair condition.


Baobab oil from the Adansonia tree in Africa, is the star ingredient here. I’m surprised we don’t see this vitamin packed oil in more hair and skin care products, although this is strictly only for hair.

Talking of ingredients, always cast an eye over the ingredients list before you buy. On the Healthspan website look at the Product Information tab for these lists.

I’m sometimes horrified by all the long chemical names in my make up and skin care, but living in the real world, if we avoided everything that could potentially cause a reaction, or have negative effect on the environment, we wouldn’t buy anything. Just tread carefully.

This rich oil has a pleasant, quite fresh, fragrance. The texture is dense, but silky. I used one drop at first, fearing it would make my hair greasy, but my hair – especially the ends, drank it up, so now I use two drops.

Because my hair is in very good condition at the moment (although I still have ‘those’ days when it just won’t behave and I look an absolute fright), I’m growing it a little longer. Older woman CAN have longer hair, but only IF it’s healthy looking.

I use one drop from two thirds down and another drop only on the ends. So far, so silky, plus this 100ml bottle is going to last forever. Keep out of sunlight.


An advanced skin perfector to reflect and diffuse light, providing instant coverage of skin imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles and pores.

  • This works well on its own or as a primer to provide a perfect canvas for your make-up. It is beautifully fragranced with natural oils from grapefruit, lemongrass and sweet orange.


My joint favourite product from Nurture Replenish and now, my all time favourite primer/skin smoother.

Because it’s fragranced with natural grapefruit, lemongrass and sweet orange oils (which smell gorgeous), I thought there’s no way this is going to be any good as a primer, it’s going to be too oily surely?

Actually, it’s a non greasy cream and is nude coloured in the tube, but once applied, there’s no colour to it at all.

It works very well indeed as a primer, it doesn’t slide off or settle into pores or lines. But skin perfecting is really what it does best. Skin looks and feels immediately smoother to the touch. I still have NanoBlur nightmares, it felt and acted like melted Pritt Stick on my skin. This though, is the real thing.

Now, because of its smoothing abilities, I always apply a little right in the middle of my neck. I’m doing my best to keep crepiness at bay, but there’s a pesky ‘line’ of crepe that just won’t disappear, Skin Perfector irons it out. It’s not fixing it, it’s disguising it, but that’s fine with me!


This intensive neck and décolletage serum, with clinically proven ingredients retinol and caffeine, will help to smooth fine lines, wrinkles and firm skin around the neck and décolletage area.

  • Containing retinol (vitamin A) in its purest, most effective form to enable the caffeine to penetrate deeply into the cells where it actively boosts the metabolism of fat, whilst smoothing and tightening skin.


Whereas I’ve hardly used much of the Skin Perfector – a little goes a long way and the tube is still heavy, I went through this neck cream really fast.

It’s gently scented and spreads well, but I used it up because my neck felt softer 3-4 weeks in. I have been using Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Neck Contour Treatment (don’t pay full price I get mine from Allbeauty for £39.95. It’s brand new, not old dusty stock). But now, I’m going to buy a tube of this and alternate between the two.

It’s also an absolute steal at £16.95, plus it contains retinol and caffeine, which my beloved Shiseido neck cream doesn’t!

Nurture Replenish Sold by Heathspan

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