REVIEW: NSpa Micellar One-Step Cleanser

Nspa Micellar One-Step Cleanser

I’m not a fan of Micellar Water cleansers, even though they’re raved about by beauty editors and bloggers. To me, they’re the equivalent of make up wipes, OK in a dire emergency, but nowhere near as efficient or effective as a proper cream cleanser and toner routine.

I went to Asda to stock up on NSpa Hot Cloth Polish – a cheeky clone of Liz Earle’s iconic Cleanse & Polish™ cleanser, although the one big difference here is that NSpa’s version can’t be used on the eyes.

It’s a well deserved ‘cult product’ and word has obviously got round about how marvellous it is especially for prolonging the life of your more expensive cleanser, check out my review, because it’s hardly ever in stock in store and online.

There were only 3 left and it was on a ‘2 for £8.00’ offer (it’s supposed to be £7.00 for one bottle, but I’ve never seen it on sale for that price). So I bought NSpa Micellar One-Step Cleanser to make up the offer instead.


Use this gentle Micellar solution to cleanse, tone and protect the skin, all in one step! With hydrating Grape Water and toning Willow Extract it easily removes make-up and impurities using a mild formula that leaves skin feeling fresh, toned and soft. Enriched with Ginseng and Vitamin E.

Beauty Awards Winner 2014

Apply generously to a cotton wool pad. Use the pad in gentle circular motions across the face to remove dirt and make-up and continue until the cotton wool pad appears clean.


I was quite pleasantly surprised by this cleansing water. Although, contrary to what it says on the bottle, it’s hopeless at removing eye make up, especially waterproof mascara. I held the saturated cotton wool pad over my eye for ages – it doesn’t sting at all, by the way, but nope, mascara and eyeliner wasn’t budging. I saw some movement after some gentle tugging and moving the pad around, but that’s not good for your eye area at all.

In addition to that, my eyes looked (but not felt), sore afterwards. I’m going to stick with my Liz Earle Cleanser for eye make up removal, it’s still the only cleanser  I can work into my upper lid without stinging.

However, for the rest of my face, my foundation etc, this micellar water cleanser is very effective. It removed every last trace of make up in just a couple of swipes and left my skin feeling very soft and more importantly, clean, without any greasy residue.

The fragrance is very light and pleasant. My skin felt toned but not tight, which is great because I have very sensitive skin, plus I didn’t use too much product.

Price wise, this isn’t really a budget product. On special offer at 2 for £8.00, it’s about the same as the High Street micellar waters. But I do think it’s ideal for ultra sensitive skin types. I tried the BIODERMA Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Micelle Solution and it irritated my skin and left it feeling very sore.

I consider this a lucky find and I’m going to look at other products from the NSpa Beauty Rituals line.

Nspa Micellar One-Step Cleanser (200ml) 1 for £5.00 or 2 for £8.00 ASDA.

I think people are still a bit hazy about this (I know I was for a while), but the NSpa range is not Asda’s own brand. The products are made by Nirvana Spa, which is an actual spa in Berkshire.

I got quite excited looking at the official Nirvana Spa website and checking out the ‘real life’ photos on Trip Advisor, it all looks rather luxurious (check out the Crystal Treatment Suite below) and has excellent ratings.

I thought that because (most) of the NSpa products are so reasonably priced, that just maybe the spa was as well – wrong! The prices for facials are sadly, about the same as other spas – £60.00 for 60 minutes etc.

However, there is a ‘use of all facilities for 3 hours’ package for £35.00, great value as long as you’re able to run fast from indoor and outdoors pool to the various relaxation suites in your spa slippers!

NSpa Crystal Treatment Suite

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