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Not Another Bunch of Flowers

When you’re visiting friends and loved ones in hospital, especially those who are enduring long-term treatment, it’s all too easy to rely on the old standby gifts of flowers and magazines. They’re appreciated of course, but they don’t last very long.

Not Another Bunch of Flowers is an online shop that sells practical and pampering gifts for people in hospital. If you’re stuck for an idea, this is the website to visit to find inspiration.

Everyone knows how time stretches when you’ve got nothing to do. With that in mind, the gifts on the site have been handpicked by founder Anikka Burton, who was diagnosed with an advanced form of breast cancer when she was 33. Fortunately, she’s doing well now, having just reached the second year of her ‘No Evidence of Disease’ milestone.

So, if anyone knows how to fill those long, lonely hours spent on a ward, or hanging around waiting to be called for tests, Anikka certainly does.

Not Another Bunch of Flowers offers everything from bespoke hampers to gifts for under a tenner. The vast selection of items – for new mothers and teenagers too, are designed to while away the time and make life more comfortable and even a little bit glamorous.

Anikka also understands from experience, that some gifts aren’t suitable for people going through certain treatments including cancer and chemotherapy, so everything’s been thought out to be as patient friendly as possible, ie low sugar content in the chocolates with dairy free alternatives, 100% cotton material for the beanies to stop heads from overheating and natural ingredients in the beauty selections and of course, gifts just for men.


  • Eye masks
  • Hand lotions
  • Candles
  • Foot Balm
  • Pillow spray


  • Puzzles
  • Colouring books
  • Knitting kits
  • Books & Notepaper


  • Ear plugs
  • Nightwear
  • Bedsocks
  • Quilts
  • Beanies
  • Tablet stands
  • Lap trays
  • Walking sticks with a twist
  • ‘Queasy’ drops
  • Laundry bags


The wickedly funny and touching Empathy Cards by Emily McDowell in particular, are a refreshing touch.

Not Another Bunch of FlowersNot Another Bunch of FlowersThe accompanying blog offers lots of practical (and potentially life saving), advice on little things you wouldn’t have thought of. Some great examples include downloading box sets at home because of dodgy hospital wifi, not sitting on the bed unless asked (I absolutely get this – wrinkled sheets would be so uncomfortable) and knowing when to leave – a tricky one this, but you need to be aware that people do need their rest.

There’s also an informative post on what not to say to someone going through cancer treatment.

It’s very important to know that with something as serious as cancer, it’s never really over. Recuperating from surgery or treatment can take a lot longer than is outwardly obvious.

Don’t say: “You must be glad this is all over.”
Do say: “How are you feeling now?”


The personal touch continues with the delivery options – gifts can either be sent straight to the recipient with a hand written message of your choice, or directly to you.

Gift wrapping is a free of charge option and delivery extends to Europe. A donation of all profits go to charity.


After 3 years in operation, this wonderful website is a huge success with lots of positive reviews, long may it continue, it’s a brilliant idea!

Not Another Bunch of Flowers

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