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NEWA Beauty ToolI’ve been a huge fan of the Newa beauty tool since I first trialed it back in August 2015 – Check out my detailed review below.

Because there’s now more understanding of how the technology works – in a nutshell, the production of heat via radiofrequency, stimulates the natural production of collagen, I think the Newa is going to be huge in 2017.

I have both the ‘old’ and the newly launched devices. The device itself is exactly the same (as it should be, because the technology has been proven to work), but it now has a glamorous new casing which feels smoother and is more comfortable to hold.

The carry bag has been updated and the instructions are slightly more comprehensive. As I’ve said below, it does take a few goes to get used to it. This is a different kind of beauty device, but once you see results after regular use and can drop to only two 30 minute sessions a week, you’ll wonder how you did without it.

Out of all the devices I’ve been sent to trial for the site, this is one of three devices (the others are the NuFace Trinity and LightStim which do completely different things), that I cannot live without, I even take it with me on holiday. If I do have to rest it for a while to trial other things, I can’t wait to get back to it again.

Ageing and the menopause do terrible things to our skin, with sagging and loss of firmness our main concerns. Here’s a device that will help wake up our old collagen reserves and stimulate the growth of new collagen.

ORIGINAL REVIEW 14th August 2015

This is certainly one of the more unusual looking devices I’ve reviewed for the site.

I like to do some research before I agree to trail a product. There’s an abundance of information on the Newa Beauty Tool on the net, mostly from enthusiastic bloggers, who like me, have been gifted the device to review.

However, for a more rounded opinion, I read an in-depth, 4 part review, (see further down), from a respected blogger, Philip, from Home Beauty Devices Reviews, who bought his own Newa. Based on that one review, and because I knew it was from a reliable source, I was very eager to try this very different anti-ageing device for myself.

Newa is a non-surgical advanced anti-ageing skincare tool that is clinically proven to rebuild collagen and to remove up to a third of wrinkles in just 12 weeks.

The Newa Beauty Tool  incorporates 3DEEP™ technology, a multi-source, phase-controlled radiofrequency energy used by dermatologists. Newa works by delivering energy 3 layers deep into your skin, reactivating the natural collagen-producing process.


In other words, this FDA approved device, gently heats the dermis layer of skin to stimulate collagen by using radio waves to deliver energy deep in the dermal tissue where collagen is formed.


  1. The NEWA Beauty Tool
  2. NEWA Activator Gel (130ml tube = 20 treatments)
  3. Power Supply
  4. NEWA Storage Bag
  5. Quick Reference Guide
  6. NEWA User Manual

Newa Beauty Tool

There are also detailed instructions and technical information on the Newa website and admittedly, it might at first seem overwhelming and a little complicated, (truthfully, my first treatment took over an hour as I kept referring to the manuals and the website), but once you hit treatment 3, it really is very easy and your routine is set.

Take the time to read about the Newa to familiarise yourself with the proven science behind this technology, and carefully follow the instructions, which you can also download from the site.


  • Prep by thoroughly cleansing your face and removing all jewellery.
  • Visually, divide the face and neck into 6 treatment areas as shown below.

HoMedics NEWA - Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

  • Apply the gel in two lines to completely cover the 6 silver ‘wires’ at the top of the device.

HoMedics NEWA - Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

In my experience, I find the tube to be a little chunky and it’s not that easy to squeeze out two perfect lines as in the above illustration. What I do, is squeeze out one really thick line and use my (clean, of course) finger to smear it over the 6 metal wires. The aim is to have them completely covered and they are.

  • Use a gliding motion to smear a line of gel over your designated treatment area.

Again, I go a little off-piste, and use my fingers to spread a thin coat of gel over the area. My reasoning is that the area is still prepped, but I know for sure, that the wires are still fully covered with the activator gel.

  • Plug in the Newa, switch the treatment mode from off (0) to level 2 (high).
  • Press the square power button on, it will flash and turn from blue to green when the device reaches optimal temperature.
  • Using a light hand, move the device in a circular motion across the treatment area, always keeping the device in contact with the skin. If you do lift it off, the light will flash blue to show the connection has broken.
  • The device will vibrate when the 4-minute cycle has been completed.
  • Move onto the next treatment area.
  • Use 5 times a week for the first month, then twice a week to maintain results.


Work in front of a mirror, you have to concentrate, but it is only a half-hour treatment.

Keep a dry cloth or paper towel nearby to clean the head of the device. Never use anything wet on it or immerse it in water.

Important! In the words of SClub7, (See? I’m not that old!) – DON’T STOP MOVING! Sometimes, those 4 minutes can feel a little long, so I have a set up where I’m sat in front of a mirror, my iPad is behind me on the bed and I can watch videos via its reflection in the mirror.

It was all going smoothly until the iPad fell over and I reached behind to prop it up. But, instead of turning it off to break the treatment cycle, I stopped moving the Newa for more than a few seconds (v naughty), and it did sting a bit. My skin was very red for a good 15 minutes afterwards. Lesson learned!

My skin is super sensitive, but the Newa doesn’t heat it up in an uncomfortable way, it’s just very pleasantly warm. Although, if needed, you can switch to level 1 if you find it does feel too warm.

On all treatment areas, I found my skin was very pink/red immediately after use, although this doesn’t last.

When doing the neck area, don’t hold your chin up when looking in the mirror, or the back of your neck will soon become stiff, remember to keep your head level.

I wouldn’t use the Newa on the day of a big night out, because of temporary, faint swelling of the treated area (it’s OK, it goes down after 5-10 minutes). Therefore, I would always carry out a treatment the night before, to reap the benefits of smoother skin.

The non-sticky gel has a light, pleasant fragrance and wipes off easily after completion of treatment. It’s expensive though, at £23-30.00 a pop for further tubes, but it is specially formulated to work with Endymed’s 3DEEP® technology. I have to say that because of the heating element on this device, I don’t believe it’s worth looking for a cheaper alternative.

I’m only on week 2, but here’s the link to the final glowing review video from Home Beauty Device Reviews I’m really looking forward to seeing similar results in the coming months.

NEWA  Beauty Tool £350.00

UPDATE: 11th October 2015 

I’m past the 8-week mark and on my second tube of gel – although my usage will be much less now I’ve cut the sessions to twice a week. Because of the results so far, the Newa device is firmly established as part of my regular skin care routine.

I was feeling fairly confident reading the Home Beauty Device Reviews verdict (see above) and I can only agree with the findings.

There is a tangible difference to my face, but surprisingly, it’s not so much a lifting effect, but more of a firming one. The skin along my jawline, especially the area just before my ear lobes, is definitely firmer and tighter.

However, there has been a significant difference to the texture of my skin, which I wasn’t really expecting.

I have read rave reviews from people talking about an improvement on the fine lines around their eyes, but I don’t use the Newa past my eye socket, so the device never travels over that area.

What I have noticed is that the texture of my skin on the areas I do treat, has become much smoother, plus it just feels nicer to the touch. This is huge for me because foundation looks so much better when the skin is smooth underneath.

My foundation, Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint, is just that, very sheer. I know I could do with heavier coverage, but I don’t like the feel or look of heavy foundation. I watch makeup demonstrations on YouTube and even though the results are often stunning, the amount of heavy foundation (often in a much darker shade), astounds me.

Too much makeup on older skin (and young skin), is so ageing and cakey looking, but we often need that extra layer to conceal blemishes and even out our skin tone. I’m now getting away with my sheer coverage because there’s less to cover up.

Because I have been using the Newa regularly, it’s become a habit and, as long as I have everything I need at hand, the treatment time feels shorter to me than it did at the start.

I always say that making time to use a skincare gadget magically becomes easier and less time-consuming when you see real results and it really does!

UPDATE: 11th April 2016 

This is an unusual update because I stopped using this device (and also the NuFACE facial toning device) for the first 3 months of this year.

It was particularly hard for me because I used each device for specific areas of my face and/or jawline and I was more than happy with the results.

The results from the Newa device were always subtle and I think that‘s why the results I was seeing then, took longer to fade away after I stopped using it.

My jawline wasn’t exactly razor-sharp, but it had firmed enough to notice how much it’s softened and blurred now.

It was quite hard parting from the Newa; I’d actually got the routine down so well, I no longer needed a mirror to carry out the treatment. I can also see that the texture of my skin around my cheekbones wasn’t as smooth looking as before and I definitely want that back.

I always like to be prepared, so last year I ordered two more tubes of the recommended Newa gel, £30 a pop, as well, it’s certainly an investment because I can’t find a lower price anywhere on the net! So I’m good to start again with regular treatments and gradually reduce them to twice-weekly maintenance treatments.

Newa Beauty Tool £349.00 But on offer for £239.00 at CurrentBody

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