British company OraGuard have developed a range of award-winning, innovative, toothbrushes called Nano-b. The brushes offer antibacterial protection, are longer lasting and less inclined to splay than regular toothbrushes.

There are two types of brushes:

Nano-b Charcoal & Gold Toothbrush

Combining the natural antibacterial and teeth whitening properties of gold particles and bamboo charcoal.

Nano-b Silver Toothbrush

Genuine silver impregnated bristles safeguard the toothbrush from 99.9% of bacteria to keep the brush cleaner.


  • Self-sterilizing bristles
  • Smaller head size
  • Double bristle structure
  • Rounded-edged bristle tips
  • Crystal handle
  • Travel case
  • Lasts up to 6 months


As a family, we had to change from firm bristled toothbrushes to medium ones a few years ago. Our dentist warned us that we were all brushing our teeth too hard and setting ourselves up for tooth damage in the future.

When you brush too vigorously, especially along the gums, you’re in danger of exposing the soft yellow dentine which allows bacteria from food to erode it which in turn, makes teeth more vulnerable to decay.

Sadly, those TV ads are right, if you spit blood after brushing (or flossing), then you really could lose a tooth!

I used the silver brush. I never really felt that my teeth were properly clean after switching to a medium firmness brush, but the silver Nano-b brush – probably because of the doubled layered, densely packed bristles, cleaned my teeth thoroughly and they felt smooth afterwards.

I try to floss as gently as I can, but I think I’m confident enough now to skip this step because I was able to carefully work the bristles into the gaps between my teeth.

The bristles are soft against the gum line too which is particularly important if you suffer from sensitivity:

Many of our customers suffering from bleeding gums or sensitive teeth report vast improvement in their condition in 1-2 weeks.

However if you feel you must floss, then I recommend a wide tape instead of the thin stringy ones.

I gave my son JJ, who had his teeth whitened last year (by the dentist, not on the High Street), the gold brush to trial. So far, he’s pleased and feels he’s maintaining whiteness without relying on whitening toothpaste.


Gold and Silver Toothbrushes £9.99 each
Twin pack of gold & silver £15.99
Family pack (best value), 3 x gold, 2 x silver £34.99



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