REVIEW: My Skin – Lumos Two Pure Regenerating Serum

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My Skin is an online retailer offering a carefully selected range of new and established luxury beauty brands. Prices start at £10.00 (actually, make that £9.50 with the 5% discount code SUMMER5) and UK delivery is free on all orders.

My Skin are official stockists of all the products they sell, but prices are competitive, it’s worth comparing their prices before you buy the same products elsewhere.
One of the brands they stock is Lumos, an innovative range of pure anti-ageing serums.

At Lumos we believe that skin care products should contain nothing but ingredients that are really good to your skin. So we’ve left out all the additives, and included only top quality, innovative, scientifically advanced ingredients that work in synergy to give you the best possible skin care. High technology, simply applied – and nothing else.

I’ve chosen to review Lumos Two, Pure Regenerating Serum and when I say ‘pure’ I really mean it. This serum contains just two ingredients – our anti-ageing best friend, high-grade hyaluronic acid and purified water. That’s it, no additives, solvents, stabilisers or preservatives.

Hyaluronic acid is often referred to as nature’s own super-moisturiser. It occurs naturally in your skin, giving it its volume and fullness and helping it to retain water. Over time, the level of hyaluronic acid in the skin diminishes, leaving the skin prone to looking sagging and dull.


Apply morning and evening to cleansed skin. Place a few drops on your finger tips and massage the serum gently around the eyes and over your face and neck.


Products have a life of up to 24 months and need to be used within 6 months of opening. Typically a bottle will be consumed within 3 months. I agree, 4 weeks down the line and I’ve used just under a third of the bottle, with morning and evening applications.


I was quite excited to try this serum, I really like the idea of a ‘pure’ product. I look at the some of the of unpronounceable names on skin care ingredients lists and always feel a little apprehensive  – Polymethylsilsesquioxane anyone?

The first thing to note is that this is a thick, dense serum. It’s quite a challenge to squeeze out just a few drops from the pipette. When applied, the serum feels quite slippery and you imagine it will take a while to absorb, but no, you have just enough time to gently massage it in.

Skin laps up the serum until it ‘disappears’ completely. No oil, means no danger of a greasy film left on skin to gleam under make up.

A month of testing so far, and the benefits of a regular application of hyaluronic acid are just beginning to filter through. I can’t put my finger on it, but my skin has lost that ‘parched’ look that can  occur when we have extremely hot weather. My skin is noticeably softer too.

Applying this morning and night has become an essential part of my skin care routine and I think when I take my ‘skin break’ in August, I’ll have to buy my own bottle. Any days I skip, I feel my skin isn’t the same.


Lumos skin care products are designed as a series of scientifically created building blocks which will help you regain more youthful skin. Lumos One, Two, Three and Four are building blocks which can be used together to make an even greater impact.

Our products can be combined because we only use a small number of very pure ingredients which are designed to work in synergy.


Lumos Two Pure Regenerating Serum 30ml £90.00 (£8.00 saving) My Skin

My Skin

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