REVIEW: MeMeMe Cosmetics Nail Collection – Shade 'Precious'

MeMeMe Nail Collection Long Lasting Gloss - Shade 'Precious'

Browse the nail polish section of the MeMeMe Cosmetics website and your eye might land on this ‘long lasting, gloss polish’ in the shade Precious. You would read that it’s a metallic nude and think how pretty it looks in the bottle. You’d then check out the swatch and think, oh hang on, maybe it’s really a dull, pale taupe shade and then you’d move on.

MeMeMe Cosmetics Nail Collection - Shade 'Precious'

The thing is, the swatch is terrible! Pass this shade by and you would be missing out on a stunning, shimmery nude, pale bronze/champagne, nail polish.

I’ll even admit that when I received it, I dismissed it as a bit ‘Christmassy’ and in normal lighting it’s not all that inspiring. However, take it into bright light or outside, and you can truly appreciate this summery, flattering, on trend, metallic nail polish.

I can’t take a nail swatch for the life of me (how do those nail bloggers do it?) but I wanted to illustrate how beautiful this shade is. So I painted it onto a piece of beige coloured plastic – hence the brush strokes. This doesn’t happen on ‘real’ nails, because the brush features maxi-brush technology and is extra wide and long for seamless application. I’m really pleased, because this is a rather accurate (un-retouched) colour match – a bit different to the ‘official’ one, you think?

SWATCH Demure Polish
The polish itself is very wet and appears thin, but it’s not, because you could easily get away with just one coat. The ‘wetness’ allows the polish to spread (no brush strokes) and yet, it really does dry quickly.

This is a gorgeous, glossy, BUDGET (£5.00!) nude metallic, nail polish. Next time you’re on the MeMeMe Cosmetics site, go by the bottle, not the swatches!

Nail Collection Long Lasting Nail Polish in shade ‘Precious’ £5.00 MeMeMeCosmetics
Also available in Superdrug.

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