REVIEW: MeMeMe Cosmetics – Coral Blossom Cheek & Lip Stain UPDATE

MeMeMe Cosmetics Coral Blossom Cheek & Lip Stain

MeMeMe Cosmetics’ Peachy Coral Liquid Cheek & Lip Stain in shade Coral Blossom, is a liquid tint, ideal for ‘adding a flush of long-lasting colour to your cheeks and lips no matter what the occasion or skin tone.’

To me, it looks an alarmingly bright, pinky/coral shade, more suited to younger skin. I have a long-held belief that peachy/coral colours are not flattering on mature skin and on looks alone, this tint would fall into that group – until you actually apply it and find it turns into the most gorgeous sheer, pale blush shade.

I’m not a fan of tinted lip and cheek stains (yeah, Benefit’s Benetint, I’m talking about you). I find they dry so fast, you can’t blend them quick enough and you’re left with a splodgy mark you have to rub hard to remove.

Coral Blossom blends beautifully and it’s easy to build the colour, which you will need to do as the liquid is really quite thin. It doesn’t dry so fast either, which really helps with blending.

This stain adds the sheerest hint of natural looking colour to your cheeks. I certainly wouldn’t call the colour ‘peach’ when it’s applied, although maybe it is on different or darker skin tones – my skin colour is pale. It isn’t a flat matte either (now, that IS ageing), there’s a subtle, dewy glow to it.


I’m not wild about the colour swatches on the MeMeMe Cosmetics website, my own swatch below gives a more accurate representation of the real shade.



The instructions on the (glass) bottle say: ‘Apply 2-3 strokes to cheeks or lips’ but I prefer to dot it and blend out. I also roll it between my palms, (the way you do with a bottle of nail polish, to mix up the contents), before I use it.

The applicator is a nail polish type brush, the collar of the bottle gunks up quickly, use a tissue to keep it clean. Apart from that, I’ve no complaints, I love this product, I’m using this every day in place of my usual blusher (another bonus, it lasts all day too).

I did try it on my lips, but found it didn’t adhere and the colour instantly vanished.


This is a peach shade that DOES suit young AND mature skin; natural looking, light and easy to apply and gives cheekbones a natural wash of flattering colour.

Peachy Coral Liquid Cheek & Lip Stain in Coral Blossom (12ml) £7.25 (was £5.50 in 2014)
MeMeMe Cosmetics Website

September 2014

UPDATE 1st April 2016

I thought I should update this because the bottle has just run out. It has lasted 18 months and at the original price of £5.50 it’s been an amazing bargain. It has gone up to £7.25, but it’s still a good price for a cheek stain. (Still a no-no for lips though).

I’ve just cracked up a new bottle which should speak volumes.  I should also say that the product itself stayed fresh (i.e. no weird odour) and it didn’t separate or thicken – hurrah!

The swatch on the official website is still wrong – but mine above is still right!

I’m no make up snob, as a teen it was all Rimmel and No7 (which isn’t that cheap anymore), but as you get older, and have more money to spend because you’re working, you gravitate to the more expensive make up brands. Generally, (because we all know we’re paying for excessive packaging, expensive ad campaigns and the luxury association etc as well as the product), the ingredients are high quality and the pigments are stronger and therefore last longer.

Budget range cosmetics used to traditionally have weaker formulations and you would have to constantly reapply the product. That seems to have changed and there are now lots of lower priced brands offering products comparable to mid priced ranges.  MeMeMe Cosmetics is definitely one of them. Their Eye Inspire Catwalk Quad Collection is excellent value for money, I’m told the pigments are still going strong and look as vibrant as ever. In fact, I’ve just bought ‘Goddess Eyes’ for myself!

MeMeMe Cosmetics Eyeshadow Fire Eyes


  1. September 12, 2014 / 2:30 pm

    That does look a pretty shade of coral, I like the look of Mememe cosmetics too.

    • September 14, 2014 / 5:43 pm

      I would never have bought it going by the colour, but on the cheeks, it’s completely different and natural looking.

      MeMeMe Cosmetics have a few gems hidden in there. I passed one of the Eye Inspire Quad Eye Palettes to a friend and she was so impressed by the vibrancy of the shades. Great value for £6.50.

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