I’m not one for budget make up lines, I did all that when I was 13. The first cosmetic I bought with my pocket money was a cheap black eyeliner pencil – used on the waterline only, even though it made my eyes look really tiny. My second was an equally inexpensive, clear lip gloss; in fact, all my friends bought exactly the same two items, it made us feel very grown-up and we loved the transformation from schoolgirl to (imagined) femme fatale.  So began my love affair with makeup.

Roll on a few years and, while my cosmetics are generally on the pricier side, I have actually come across a few budget gems, all noted on here of course.

Makeup Revolution launched in April this year, the 300 strong items range in price, starting from £1 – Eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses , etc  to £12 – 100 Eyeshadows Collection, and is available online from the official website and also from Superdrug online (in their shops soon I’m told).

I confess I hadn’t heard of this new brand, but I had read an article by THE British Beauty Blogger, Jane Cunningham, who road-tested a few of their products.

Jane cites her favourite Makeup Revolution item as the Vivid Cheek Lacquer, £3.00. ‘It’s high in pigment and blends very easily onto the cheeks for a pop of colour.’ She compares it to YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush, £27 and says: ‘I’d say you would be very pushed to tell the difference in performance both on colour pigment and longevity.’

When I was asked if I’d like to try out some of the range, I just went for these blushers, purely because Jane rated them. There are only a handful of bloggers whose opinion I trust and she is one of them. Plus liquid (and cream) blushers are kinder and more flattering to older skin. I find powder blush is too flat and ageing.


Ultra intensive liquid blush for intense pop of colour and easy to blend A creamy blush that creates a rich, long lasting vivid colour on the cheeks. Easily blendable across the cheeks for a natural and easy to build the shade up on any skin tone. And gives the skin a natural, soft and matte finish. Revolution tip: A small little dot goes a long way!

There are 6 shades to choose from:


They range from bright pink to a soft brown/tan. I chose Rush; Desire, O’Boy and Heat to review.

I will hold up my hands now and say two of the colours I picked (below) were COMPLETELY and ABSOLUTELY wrong for me; Rush and O’Boy.

These shades were far too pink for me. Ideal, however, for young; very pale; dark or tanned skin tones though. On me, it looked as if Nancy Dell’Olio had done my make up and was aiming for a cross between Baby Jane and a clown.

The other problem was that the pigment is very strong and it was criminally easy to apply too much. I’ve now perfected the art of barely pressing the pump down, you really do need just the tiniest dot of colour and, top tip – blend out fast, it dries quickly! We’re talking about a £3.00 blusher here, but it’s going to last forever, just nail the right shade.

Desire is my favourite shade; a flattering rose, less ‘coral’ than the official image below would imply. There’s no dewiness, but the colour isn’t a ‘flat’ matte the way a powder blush tends to be.

Heat is more of a tan/slightly orange shade – the swatch below is spot on. This would be lovely on dark skin tones.

I am really surprised by the quality of these blushers, especially at this price. They don’t fade during the day and they do not move, once applied they’re on for the long haul. Just be careful where you place the dots of colour and blend out quickly. You should also take it off properly and thoroughly with a decent cleanser, as Vivid Blush Lacquer will laugh in the face of your moist makeup wipes.

This liquid blush is a great budget buy and I’ve got my eye on a few more items from this range.

  • Amazing Lipgloss in Raspberry £1.00
  • Change My Life Nail Polish £1.00
  • Full Matt Eyeshadow Collection £5.00


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