REVIEW MAC Prunella Eye Kohl Pencil

MAC Prunella Eye Kohl Pencil

I honestly think you’ll be hard pushed to find a more beautiful shade of eye liner pencil than Mac’s Prunella Eye Kohl. It is simply gorgeous.

The colour lies smack in between the darkest, almost black, plum shade you can imagine, and deep intense brown with a subtle hint of pearl.

It’s been murder to photograph, but I’m looking at swatches online and they’re too purple, it definitely leans more towards brown. Plus, the delicate shimmer doesn’t show through on the pictures I’ve seen.

Mac eye pencil Prunella

Black eyeliner (and mascara) are too harsh for my fair colouring. Brown is much kinder to mature skin and us older blondes. Mac’s Stubborn Brown is my ‘go to’ colour and it stays put all day too.

I have tried purple eye pencils, but they tend to be too ‘red’ and make my eyes look sore. Prunella is a wonderful compromise. More dramatic and less boring than brown, but sexier and more flattering than black.

Because it is a pearl formulation, it’s fairly soft (perfect for blending though), and I’ve found it does tend to slightly smudge on me. During the day that’s not ideal, but for the evening it really works and makes eyes pop.

To see the pencil in action check out Nic of Pixiwoo and her ‪Nicole Scherzinger Make-up Tutorial‬ below.

From 1 min 25 seconds in, Nic applies the pencil in short strokes to her upper lash line and buffs the colour out. The result is stunning – fab colour, beautifully illustrated.

Mac Prunella Eye Kohl £14.00


  1. June 9, 2016 / 3:46 pm

    does this colour really go well with blue eyes? Hazel and green eyes i´d say would suit best

  2. June 9, 2016 / 3:55 pm

    It does! It’s certainly stunning on hazel/green eyes, but my eyes are blue/grey and it defines them without looking harsh.

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