REVIEW: M. Asam 4 in 1 Magic Finish

M. Asam MAGIC FINISHSay hello to my new rosacea cover up – M. Asam 4 in 1 Magic Finish. Now you know I don’t fully trust these ‘multifunctional’ products, but this foundation, come primer, concealer and powder is a bit different.

M. (Miriam & Marcus) Asam is a family owned German cosmetic company founded in 1963. They are one of the most successful TV shopping brands in Europe. The M. Asam cosmetic range was established after a 10 year study on the anti-ageing properties of grapes – that’s why wine is so good for you!


Magic Finish is a wrinkle-filling cosmetic mousse which blends beautifully into your skin and helps to conceal uneven skin tone and texture. This formula has been optimised for an improved matting and wrinkle-reducing effect and easier application.

• After application, your skin may look more even in skin tone
• Whilst imperfections, small wrinkles or enlarged pores appear reduced
• Provides a sun-kissed, healthy-looking skin tone
• Helps to cover redness
• Very economical in usage
Apply after your daycare on to your entire face, until the desired coverage is obtained. Provides light-to-medium or full coverage, depending on application, for a flawless, radiant appearance. Suitable for most skin types.

There are no shades, one size fits all. I have used this and am very pleased. I have tried all kinds of brands but I keep coming back to this one. I have a light complexion with rosy undertones. You can start with a little and build it as needed. The finish is matte.

I have a very light complexion and this works perfectly for me, it’s a shade adjusting formula! You just wait a couple of minutes after applying it and it morphs into the exactly perfect shade for you. What I really like about it is that it feels very soft and seems to calm my skin down. I have very sensitive skin with occasional mild rosacea and this is what I use when my skin is acting up.

I have very fair skin with pink cheeks and the product DOES look very dark in the container. When I first put it on, using only a little, I saw that it did blend but still seemed a tad too dark. But then, after about a minute, it looked perfect. I love it because it hides my pores, evens out my skin tone, feels light and soft, and is matte but not dry-looking.

This is the second pot of Magic Finish that I have bought from Ideal World, it is more expensive than most foundations but really does feel like silk and you can build up the coverage as required, no powder required. I use every day and it does last a long time.

I’ve watched the M. Asam shows regularly and been dubious about the Magic Finish.  I was amazed at the coverage and look of it on my skin. I say look of it, you can’t actually see it on your face but the effect is definitely apparent. I also think it is very good value since you need only the tiniest amount to cover your dark circles.

At 54 years old I have tried many products over the years and have my ‘disaster’ draw of creams and makeup. I have sensitive skin and cannot use even the big names on the high street but M. Asam is a hero product. I use Perfect Teint as a face primer most of the time then use Magic Finish over the top, however, you do not need to use both at the same time. The results on my skin show a perfect finish EVERY TIME and there have been improvements in my skin tone since using these products.

I have redness on my face and have been looking for a foundation to cover the redness and this product ticks all the boxes. It is so light you can’t tell you have make up on, my confidence has been lifted.

I am very impressed with this product. It has a light feel to it, is easy to apply & offers the perfect cover without being too heavy. It looks quite dark but blends well even on my fair skin & as only a small amount is needed it should last a long time.


It has a wobbly, mousse like texture which is certainly different, but this means it’s an incredibly light formulation and doesn’t plonk itself down heavily on skin.

An alarmingly dark toned, brown shade, truly horrifying, but…misleading. I’ve used these ‘one shade suits all’ products before, the ones that claim to adapt to your skin tone and they have always gone wrong and made my face look a bit dirty.

The reviewers above are correct when they say the colour truly adjusts to your own skin tone. Not at first though, it sits on your skin looking impossibly dark and unnatural, but blend it out and magic happens. Use a tiny amount though, less than you think you’ll need. Use too much and the powder finish will make it look like you’re wearing a mask.

As seen above, a lot of people with fair and rosy (and rosacea prone), complexions love the seamless colour payoff. This is why I class this as a rosacea cover up and not a foundation. I’ve been looking for a concealer that doesn’t emphasis my pores and while Liz Earl Sheer Skin Tint is one of the very few foundations not to settle into pores, it’s just too sheer to cover up my rosy cheeks.

Magic Finish has also replaced my application of Benefit’s POREfessional, which I love and would apply daily before foundation to fill and smooth over pores. I’ve even read that some people apply POREfessional all over their faces for a smooth finish and I think there’s a strong resemblance to this product, especially as they both contain that magic pore and line eraser – silica.

I’m not crazy about the scent; described as ‘a light vanilla fragrance from the M. Asam® VINOLIFT® range,’ it’s a little too ‘old lady’ for me, sorry Miriam and Marcus!

OK, so I can see why it has to be in a jar, I don’t think you can put a mousse into a tube, wouldn’t it change the consistency?  For hygiene reasons, I don’t like to dip my fingers in and out of a jar so I always use a tiny plastic, cosmetic spatula (ask for them at cosmetic counters, the big brands will hand them out). That said, I did decant a small amount into a tiny travel pot to keep in my make up bag for touch ups, really handy to take on planes too, which I’ll doing this summer.

4 in 1 CLAIMS

  • Primer – Yes, I don’t need to use a primer now, this does the job.
  • Concealer/Foundation – I class these as the same, it covers my rosacea and evens out my complexion.
  • Powder – This definitely has a powder finish and powder can dull skin, so don’t use the product all over. I use it on my cheeks and my nose and chin. Because of the matt finish, I can now use rich moisturisers underneath without worrying about excessive shine.

Coverage is medium to full, but I think ‘full’ might be too heavy. However, I can see how full coverage would benefit skin with discolouration, age spots etc as a camouflage make up.

I used Magic Finish all over my face on my first use which was a mistake, as a completely matt face is so ageing. I was expecting it to wear off a little and leave a smidge of shine (you just can’t please me, can you?) but this had a lot of staying power. Older skin cries out for light and shade, it’s that ‘youthful glow’ we’re all looking for.

I experimented and I now use Magic Finish to cover up my rosy cheeks and kill a shiny nose and chin, and Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint everywhere else. That’s another thing, thankfully, Magic Finish blended into the Sheer Tint without turning rogue and balling up.

M. Asam Magic Finish

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