REVIEW: LOréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Brume Sublimatrice

LOréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Brume SublimatriceMy hair needs a good slap to bring it to its senses. If there’s a hint of moisture in the air, it frizzes up and turns wiry AND fluffy.

Fortunately, I’ve found a solution in dry hair conditioner Brume Sublimatrice. Made by L’Oréal Professionnel and part of their Mythic Oil collection of which I’m a long time fan. I mentioned Mythic Oil briefly on the blog before:

I’m on my second bottle of this lovely light hair oil. Sometimes your hair needs a rest from heavy styling products. The fragrance is perfumed but it’s not cloying or synthetic the way some oils tends to be.

Hair looks a little shinier afterwards, but I use it mainly to tame my hair before blow drying, especially if I’ve used a sulphate free shampoo, it makes my hair feel softer, but not weighed down.

It’s one of those products you tend to forget about. I’m not sure why I didn’t devote a full on ‘all singing and dancing’ blog post to it, because it’s reasonably priced for how little you use, (£11.00 from Quartz Hair & Beauty and £12.00 from Terence Paul Online), and more than holds its own against luxury hair oils.

I thought this ‘handbag sized’ (more on that later) spray mist conditioner would be perfect for on the go touch ups and would help tame my frizzy barnet.

The blurb is admittedly a bit flowery, but let’s run with it:

L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil  Brume is inspired by the ancient Persian queens’ dance, with their tresses infused in fragrant oils. The micro-diffused mist conditions the hair, whenever and wherever you need. The handbag friendly (erm) conditioner is an ideal retouch product to detangle, moisturise and help with frizz control by smoothing the hair.

The oil content is full on:

  • Orange Oil – Renowned for bringing vitality and shine to hair whilst also featuring softening properties.
  • Sunflower Extract – Highly enriched in Vitamin E and popular for its ability to soothe.


This is NOT a product for anyone looking to use it as a dry conditioner if they have naturally oily hair (especially roots), or two-day old greasy hair in the hopes that it will refresh it – walk away, this is not for you.

Anyone with hair that’s dry, overly processed (hello), or hair that goes nuts in the rain (hello again), come on down – although you do have to follow a few specific instructions.

First though, two little niggles.


I find it a bit cloying, especially when sprayed in small spaces. It has an exotic, heady perfume scent – which some people may like. Thankfully, for me at least, it dies down to much more pleasant and  lighter ‘hotel bathroom’ fragrance.


I bought this specifically to pop in my bag. ‘Handbag/travel friendly’ sizes are generally 75ml, but this is 90ml.

For comparison, it’s an inch taller and wider than the Elnett handbag spray. Considering I will only use it once during the day, it’s a bit cumbersome and heavy rattling around in my bag.

But, in the grander scheme of things, those negatives don’t matter one jot, because I can honestly say, THIS IS MAGIC IN A CAN!

I’ve used it 6 times now and the same – slightly wacky, thing happens every single time. One short spray to each side of my hair and it’s as if my hair’s been blurred by a filter, a real life, real-time app for your hair. Maybe it’s the oily mist clouding my vision, but it’s like a makeover reveal, hair instantly transforms to look and feel soft, shiny and silky.


Magic comes with a price and you need to follow a couple of rules to stop that spell from breaking.

Don’t touch your hair, like ever again. That fine mist of oil will turn on you like an evil witch and make your silky hair greasy and lank. Style, spray and leave it the heck alone.

Use two sprays AT MOST – No more, or the evil grease fairy will get you.

Your hair will be pancake flat the next day, but it’ll have been worth it to have been a hair princess for a night.


Expensive, but it transforms damp frizz into soft waves on rainy days, and styled hair magazine cover glossy.

LOréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Brume Sublimatrice 90ml
I bought mine for £7.50 in a sale, but expect to pay anything from £8.80 upwards.

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