Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

Anyone remember Liz from when she had a beauty slot way back when on This Morning? I do and I recall how fresh looking and clean her skin always looked. It’s reassuring to see that at 49 (eek! same age as me) she still looks radiant. It obviously doesn’t hurt that she’s made a small fortune from her skincare company (sold to Avon in 2010, but still with Liz developing products) and enjoys a healthy outdoorsy lifestyle. I think it’s great she still looks beautiful and not pinched or botoxed to buggery.

Liz Earle June 2012
Like most  of us, I know all about the cleansing and skincare side of ‘Liz Earle’ Cleanse & Polish anyone? but I hadn’t realised how extensive their relatively new make up range is.

When stocking up on the cleanser I also received these three .5ml make up sachets in shades 01, 02 and 03 of the Sheer Skin Tint (clever idea, it got me hooked). Interestingly, it’s not marketed as a foundation or a BB cream, but somewhere in the middle.

  • Bare 01 ‘Fair complexions’.
  • Beige 02 ‘Medium suits majority of Caucasian skins’.
  • Beach 03 ‘Suntanned olive tones, some Asian skin tones’.
  • Deep Bisque 04   ‘Most Asian skins tones & light Afro-Caribbean tones’

The 04 shade doesn’t appear in any samples sent out, so I wonder if it’s worth asking for samples at the Liz Earle counters if you have darker skin?

You would have reasonably assumed that with my fair colouring, Beige 02 would be my ideal match, but hmm, not exactly. My ideal colour seems to be a mix of 90% Bare 01 – on it’s own, I’m death warmed up, mixed with 10% of Beach 03 – on its own, I’m a prime candidate for Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

I ordered 02 and for now, I’m happy enough with the colour. It looks better though with a slight (fake) base tan (swipe of ‘Johnson’s Summer Body’ last thing at night does the trick).

Sheer Skin Tint swatches


  1. To date, it’s the only foundation (and I’ve been through a lot them) that doesn’t settle into and emphasise my pores, especially the ones that suddenly appeared  on my forehead out of nowhere.
  2. The coverage is excellent without being heavy, which you need for older skins, nothing’s more ageing than really obvious heavy foundation and it’s easy to blend.
  3. It leaves a ‘dewy’ finish.  A matt finish can be very ageing  (took me a while to work this out) and highlights lines and pores which makes you look ‘hard’. Young skin IS glowy, not shiny. Though I still apply a fine dusting of loose powder with a very light hand.

Now, admittedly, it can feel a little ‘sticky’ when first applied, though that feeling does wear off fairly quickly. I’m not sure if it’s my moisturiser or that it needs time to settle into your skin.

Liz Earle – Sheer Skin Tint £21 for 40ml (check out the reviews)