REVIEW: Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint™ Bronzing Fluid

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint™ Bronzing Fluid

I love this product, but oh my, it’s a bugger to get the amount just right. I’ve left the house an unnatural, DayGlo orange shade on more than a few occasions recently.


From the Liz Earle make up range:

An ultra-lightweight liquid bronzer for all skin types and tones, which (sometimes) effortlessly delivers a natural-looking (not always) veil of colour, providing buildable coverage with a (neon orange) radiant glow.

Enriched with hydrating meadowfoam seed, borage seed and avocado oils, plus Alaria esculenta extract and natural source vitamin E, to leave skin looking revitalised – a true glow-getting make up-skincare hybrid.


Apply after your daily cleanse, tone and moisturise routine.

  • Apply a small pearl-size amount evenly between the tips of your fingers
  • Tap onto skin, focusing on your cheekbones, nose and forehead
  • Blend gently onto skin with your fingertips to create a soft, golden glow
  • Repeat steps to build depth of colour


I’m a huge fan of Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint. It’s still the only foundation I wear that doesn’t sink into, or emphasise my pores, I really do think it’s a must for mature skin.

I thought this bronzing fluid would be an interesting buy to perk up my pale complexion during the winter months. Normally, I rely on a couple of drops of Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster mixed with moisturiser and applied at night, so that I’m not so deathly white in the morning.

I have no idea why this is called 01 Bronze, it’s so strongly pigmented it should be called 03 Fierce Bronze at the very least. A lighter toned version of this would sell out instantly and I would be first in the queue. I really don’t know why the Liz Earle brand came in so heavy with this one and only shade.

The thick fluid (which is more creamy than liquid-y), is lovely and silky, with no obvious scent or shimmer.  I mixed a tiny blob with my Sheer Tint foundation (shade 02) and blended like crazy with my Real Techniques buffer brush Result? Instant Oompa Loompa face.

You have to be extremely frugal with the amount of product you use. If your natural colouring is brunette or darker, or you’re deeply tanned (fake or otherwise), then go for it. You will look gorgeous, healthy and glowing, although bear in mind that you will still need to use a 30 (ideally 50) SPF underneath as it’s SPF free, which is a shame.

For blondes and the paler skinned among us though, tread carefully. I now apply this in two ways: I either add the smallest dot of dots to my foundation and buff it all over.

Or, I apply with a slim brush and use it as a contour product. A delicate thin line under and on top of cheek bones; a smudge along my jaw line and on my temples and a smidge across the bridge of my nose, then I buff until it’s almost vanished. I’ve had more success using this method, it’s subtle, but it does work (most of the time).

When the amount is spot on, this bronzing fluid will make you look polished, healthy and glowy (that will be the oils) although not overly shiny. Eyes look whiter and lipstick colour will pop.


If you’re a deep tan fan, then this is for you. You’ll achieve a fantastic, fast look, with very little product and no fake tan biscuity scent.

If you’re naturally pale, then you really need to think twice about investing in this product which I think is over priced by about £8.00. £16.50 would’ve been a better price.

Although, as I’ve said above, if Liz Earle brought out a light version, then £24.50 would be worth every penny.

I’ll definitely get a lot more use out of it during the summer months which is when it was designed for. Until then, I’ll have to just keep on practicing!

Sheer Skin Tint™ Bronzing Fluid 40ml £24.50

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