REVIEW: Lily Lolo Blush Away Colour Corrrector + Mineral Foundation

Lily Lolo Blush Away Colour CorrrectorBLUSH AWAY is an oil free, green coloured correcting mineral powder from Lily Lolo.

Our multi-tasking Corrector expertly covers and conceals blemishes and redness. For dark circles and pigmentation use PeepO (their yellow toned corrector).

  • Lockable sifter means no spills or mess
  • Active ingredients to control excess oils, also with healing properties
  • Soft matte finish
  • Colour can be built in layers


Never apply corrector over the top of your mineral foundation as it alters the makeup base and your skin colour will look off-balance.

Remember, correctors neutralise the affected areas to blend in with your skin tone which makes your foundation appear fresher, leaving you with naturally beautiful looking skin.
Sprinkle a little concealer or corrector into the lid of your jar.
Using your Concealer Brush or Flocked Sponge swirl into the minerals to pick up product and tap off excess.
Starting where coverage is needed most, apply in small, circular, buffing motions; continue applying in light layers until your desired coverage is achieved.




I originally bought Blush Away about a year ago but didn’t get on with it as I felt it gave me a sallow complexion. However, I recently dug it out for another go because, although my acne has cleared up, I’m left with a lot of redness around my nose and chin. I hate always having to use concealer on these areas because it’s clear skin, but just more red than the rest.

I now realise I was applying it all wrong last time – I was using my super kabuki and applying way too much of the product in too large an area. The trick is to use the concealer brush or baby buki and start with just a little of the product, adding thin layers, and only where really needed. Don’t try to completely even out skin because that’s the foundation’s job and you’ll only end up using too much product.


I didn’t get on with this powder corrector at all.  I even bought the small (doll sized) Lily Lolo baby kabuki brush and applied it in a thin layer before foundation, after my moisturiser had fully absorbed.

The powder is a murky grey green shade, but for whatever reason, it made me look deathly pale every single time.

Once, I made the awful mistake of applying it over foundation as a touch up and ended up looking grey and ghoulish.

I will definitely keep trying with different moisturisers. Because of the recent hot weather, I’ve been using the excellent NeoStrata Sheer Physical Protection SPF50 down to £23.89 with free P&P from SkinOracle. Perhaps the Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide also found in the corrector, are ‘fighting’ each other and Blush Away needs

Blush Away Colour Corrector Lily Lolo £9.00 4g LILY LOLO


I was really impressed by the quality of the powder, because of the strong pigmentation, you need very little – which is good, because 4g isn’t much at all.  I haven’t mastered the blending or application technique (yet), but it really does blank out any redness.

I’ve never got on with mineral make up, I dabbled with Bare Minerals and L’Oreal True Match, but quickly consigned them to my foundation graveyard when they settled into my pores.


The online reviews for Lily Lolo mineral foundation are very positive. There are 18 shades to suit light to fairly dark skin tone.

Our finely milled Mineral Foundation SPF 15 buffs into the skin effortlessly & allows custom coverage when applied in buildable layers. Made from natural ingredients to ensure the skin is kept clean & healthy, minimising breakouts and blemishes.

Website swatches are never very accurate (hello Charlotte Tilbury!) so I felt I had to buy sample pots and the shades I chose (perhaps not too wisely) were:

  • Warm Peach
  • Blondie
  • Candy Cane
  • China Doll

The sample pots (with tiny perforated holes on the inner lid), contain 0.75g of powder for £1.50 – that’s incredibly expensive, but with the full size (10g) for £15 and a confusing array of shades to choose from, I felt I had to do it.

I also bought a sample pot of Translucent Silk Finishing Powder, 0.5g. When the samples arrived there was noticeably less powder in the foundation samples; but the finishing powder filled its little pot to the top.

I queried this with Lily Lolo and they said that mineral powder foundation is denser and therefore fills less space. I was also told that if anything, their manufacturers would put more powder into the pot, never less – Oh OK!

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation swatches

I haven’t used them yet, but when I went to prise off a lid to photograph them (I think they’re superglued on), some of the powder from the rather dark Candy Cane, spilled out. I went to wipe it off and it left a really intense smudge of colour on the paper, this pigment is full on!

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation swatchesNow, if you’re thinking they look a bit ‘gritty’ and perhaps I’ve over sharpened them (à la Kim Kardashian’s unflattering arse photos) I haven’t. There aren’t any bits in them, it’s the texture. I’m not used to mineral powder foundation so maybe it’s how they all look and feel?

It’s going to be interesting to trial them – although I can tell you now, Candy Cane and Warm Peach are NOT going to fly!










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