REVIEW: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage UPDATE 2 – TIP

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

I haven’t always got on with Laura Mercier cosmetics, I didn’t like using the Holy Grail of primers – Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and didn’t get the hype around it. But Secret Camouflage, I DO get.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage completely camouflages dark circles, minor imperfections and discolorations.
Secret Camouflage contains a unique two-shade system, one to match the skins depth of color and one to match the skins undertone, making it possible for every woman to custom-blend her own perfect shade.
The high level of pigment requires very little product to achieve perfect coverage. Always apply after foundation.


I was professionally swatched and shade SC-3 was recommended as a match for my rosy coloured skin tone. I didn’t buy the compact there and then. I think you should go home and see what it looks like in ‘real’ light first, department store lighting is deceptive and unreliable.

Still, I was happy with the results at home, it looked natural enough and I bought the shade online. When I opened it, it seemed too dark, but I watched a few You Tube videos and set about applying it with the Mac 249 brush.

By the way, the mirror is rubbish, I have no idea why they set it in the middle of the lid with a massive 1cm border of wasted space. If you want to take this with you for touch ups on the go, then you need to take a decent sized mirror with you.

The shades are highly pigmented, but they’re sheer and this really helps with application. I think it would be hard to overload your brush, slowly build up a couple of thin layers. You can overdo it though and too many layers will make it look obvious.

It is a dry texture don’t leave the lid open, load your brush and close it, the less time it’s exposed to the air, the better.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

Mixing the two shades together is trial and error, and even then, I think it’s pot luck, how can you remember how much of one shade you applied.

Quite a lot of reviewers say that the product is not suitable for around the eye area, that the product is too dry and might emphasise shadows by making them look cakey. If your eye area is particularly dry, then I can see how this could happen and why even some of the top make up artists don’t recommend it as an eye concealer.

Fortunately, my eye area isn’t dry at all. I use Stratum C’s excellent moisturising Eye Serum, so I’m able to use the palette to cover any dark under eye areas.

A great tip I found on You Tube for the inner corners of eyes (skin thins here as we get older, we lose pigmentation and this area often looks a little purple), is to apply the concealer to the tips of your middle fingers and gently press (or ‘stamp’ as she said in the video) the colour on.

I’m very pleased with this product – it covers up my rosy cheeks and stays in place all day and it doesn’t shine. For once, all the hype is true.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage 7.7g £26.50 John Lewis

13th June 2015

UPDATE: 5th August 2015 

This is just a brief update, I still think this is a fab concealer, but I have to say that the formula has become a bit dry. You have to be careful not to expose the palette to too much air when you’re using it, load the brush and close the lid!

Yes, it’s doing it’s job, but I’m finding the concealers are losing what little creaminess they had, and because of the dry texture, it’s making application and blending just that little bit trickier.

UPDATE: 4th December 2015

The shades have become really dry in the palette. So much so, that the concealer is leaving obvious brush marks wherever I apply it.

I didn’t know that this was a common problem, but I’ve just seen a Lisa Eldridge video and she says much the same thing.

She recommends mixing a little of the concealer (on the back of your hand), with moisturiser – just a couple of dots, but really work it in with the brush to thin it out and then apply it.

I’m definitely going to try this – it hurt to spend all that money on a concealer that’s dried up so quickly, so anything that prolongs its life is fine by me!

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