REVIEW: Koelf Gold Royal Jelly Eye Masks

Koelf Royal Jelly Eye MasksHere is more gorgeous Korean beauty from the Yes Style website, which also features Japanese and Taiwanese make up and skin care. I’m not exaggerating when I say I want one of everything on the site.

There’s such an interesting and creative array of products at very reasonable prices.* I couldn’t narrow it down, so when I liked the look of a product, I would do a cheeky cross-reference against Lisa Eldridge’s Korean Haul video to see if she featured it.

Lisa recommended these hydro gel eye patches – although I like to call them eye masks.


The hydrogel eye patch is enriched with gold and royal jelly to firm, smooth and brighten the delicate eye area.

The drop-shaped hydrogel patch attaches to skin firmly and allows for efficient absorption of moisture and nutrients.

I’m squinting at the ingredients list and with 1% Royal Jelly Extract and 0.0001% Titanium Dioxide Gold,** it’s a bit of a stretch (though perfectly legal of course), to label them ‘Gold Royal Jelly’ patches, but having used them for 9 consecutive days, I’m a convert. My only problem is, do I repeat buy these, or pick other eye masks from the Koelf range? Ruby & Bulgarian Rose or Black Pearl & Gold anyone?

The wafer thin patches are suspended in liquid (‘essence’ I think they call it in Korea) and sealed in a study plastic tub with a foil lid inside to keep them fresh. They’re slippery little things, but there’s a cute mini spatula included in the box to help you fish them out and prevent contamination from your hands.

I can’t put my finger on the scent, but as grapefruit seed extract is listed as an ingredient, I think it can be described as a faintly grapefruit scented, bubble bath.


Place the shimmering gold patches onto clean skin, (no sliding off, they stay in place), and leave for 30-40 minutes. You can position the tear drop shapes to either go under the eye, or at the side of the eye, I tend to alternate.

Lisa recommends putting them in the fridge, which would make them feel especially cooling, because they do become much colder after 10 minutes which really surprised me.

I was so impressed when I took them off, wherever they’ve been placed, skin is cool and smooth (so great for make up) and actually brighter.

Each tub has a short 8 week shelf life when opened, which encourages you to use them daily – and you can at this price. I’m hoping the smoothing and hydrating effects will be cumulative over the coming months.


£11.90 for a month’s supply – 30 pairs


*So you wait a while (up to 14 days) for the free delivery, it won’t kill you!

**If you’re thinking of buying these, but you’re allergic to certain ingredients, I know some people have a problem with Titanium Dioxide Gold, then drop me an email on the contacts page with the name of the ingredient and I’ll get out a magnifying glass and see if it’s listed. I can’t see a full list online anywhere.

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