REVIEW: Kevin Murphy Angel Wash & Angel Rinse


Kevin Murphy Angel Wash & Angel Rinse

I was introduced to Kevin Murphy hair products by one of my sons who left a box of hair clay called Rough Rider (hmm) on the dining table – because that’s where you leave your hair stuff when you’re a teenager, right?

It caught my eye because the packaging looked a bit different. I wondered if there were other products in the line and found a lot of reviews (from ‘real’ people, not bloggers) raving about them, especially the shampoos and conditioners.

Kevin Murphy is an Australian session hair stylist who created his own cruelty free, hair care brand. His ingredients are ethically sourced where possible, and the brand supports ecologically sound, wild harvesting techniques. All good.

I hadn’t heard of him before, but he’s highly regarded in the hair industry and most good hairdressers will know his line.

I bought the two best-selling hair products that are praised the most – and loved by Kylie Minogue no less (Oh Kev, you shameless name dropper).

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash

A delicate, ‘recovery’ shampoo for fine, fragile or broken hair that’s coloured or damaged.

Enriched with hydrolysed proteins and nourishing natural extracts, this cleanser soothes and protects hair, enhancing shine and elasticity for angel-worthy tresses.

Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse

A delicate moisturising conditioner for fine, dry hair.

Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter and Chamomile gently repair damaged hair without adding heavy waxes or oils, keeping your hair soft and protected.


I’m going to get this out-of-the-way first. I do not like the fragrance of either product, the shampoo is particularly pungent. Although, I feel it’s me and my super sensitive nose at fault, not the products, because everyone else seems to think they smell fresh and ‘sweetly’ delicious.

Secondly, the packaging. I know they’re trying to be trendy WITH.THE.ANNOYING.FULL.STOPS. and funky shaped bottles, but the thick, hard plastic makes squeezing product out a right pain the A.R.S.E.

All those niggles aside, you will see and feel a difference after the first use.

The shampoo is sulphate and paraben free, yet it only needs a tiny amount to foam up. I’m talking about a 10p sized blob, as long as you use a lot of water with it. Suddenly, the hefty £20 price tag seems almost reasonable.

The same is true for the conditioner. It’s the type that changes the texture of hair as you rinse it off. It’s almost like hair is coated, but not in a heavy way.

Hair actually feels thicker, not ‘airy’ thicker, if you know what I mean, but thick, as in you can grab a handful and there seems to be more hair. Some other shampoos and conditioners do this too of course, but what’s different here, and makes the Angel Wash and Rinse special, is that someone compliments my hair every time I’ve used these products, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

Kevin Murphy – I am a fan and I now know why you’re big down under.


Kevin Murphy Angel Wash 250ml £20.00 (40ml £5.00)

Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse 250ml £19.00 (40ml £5.00)


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