REVIEW Kérastase Styling Laque Noire UPDATED

Kérastase Styling Laque Noire

Kérastase Styling Laque Noire is an anti-humidity super shield fixing hairspray. Or, in ‘real world’ speak, an anti-frizz hairspray.

This product is absolute perfection and I’ve already bought another can.

I’ve got the type of hair that’s been over-processed to within an inch of its life, (don’t forget we’re talking over 35 years of highlights, blow dries and straighteners here) so even the faintest hint of dampness in the air frizzes my hair into a full on afro. The same goes for humidity in the summer and the only thing ever to control it was a Keratin Blow Dry.

The only problem with a Keratin/Brazilian Blow Dry is the downtime, the 3 full days it takes for the treatment to ‘kick in’ always leaves my hair unbearably lank and greasy. Day 1, hair is silky and swishy (don’t get it wet though). Day 2 is another story, it looks so awful (plus I can’t put my hair up), that I’m house bound for 2 full days.

I have tried other anti-humidity hair products before. Charles Worthington had (has?) a range of ‘weather shield’ products which inexplicably curled my hair and made it fluffy, the complete opposite of what I wanted.

I’m a sucker for Kérastase products, I rate them highly, (apart from anything in the Cristalliste range of products which I feel are very ordinary and not worth the money), so I bought Kérastase Styling Laque Noire on a whim (and because it was half price with a voucher).

This is the official description:

Kérastase Styling Laque Noire – Provides extreme hold which allows you to create both controlled volume and structured styles, the spray also has an anti-humidity shield to keep your hair in place.

Made using a blend of fixing polymers in a water-free formula, it will ensure your hair looks fabulous from morning until night. 

An ultra-sensorial formula guarantees shine.

I have a slight issue with the ‘extreme hold’ part, because I didn’t feel it was a particularly strong holding hairspray –  I’ve used Elnett super hold ones which really superglue my hair into place, and although it will hold a style, Laque Noire feels a bit too lightweight to fix a structured hair style in place.

All is forgiven though, because it really does tame frizz. We’ve had a lot of rain recently and this spray (I was fairly generous with application, forgive me ozone layer), kept it sleek and smooth all day long.

The bonus is that hair feels soft and shinyI’ve actually had a few compliments about my hair and that never happens when I’m using a mere hairspray.

I’ve read a few comments saying that the fragrance is too strong. I can only disagree (although I may be biased because the product works so well on my hair). I would describe the fragrance as ‘expensive berries’. I think if you were to have a whiff of it in a salon, you would say the same.

This is an absolute find for me – even at the full price which hovers around the £11.00 mark. The only thing that would make this spray even more perfect would be if it came in a handbag size.

There are other products in the ‘Perfector’ range and I want them all. Damn you Kérastase!

Kérastase Styling Laque Noire £11.20

25th January 2016

UPDATE 30th March 2016

I’m bumping this up because I got caught in really heavy rain yesterday and I was so pleased with the way my hair reacted. #firstworldproblems

It was that horizontal rain that gets right in under the umbrella. I did get wet because of the wind, but instead of crazy, frizzy hair, my hair settled into gentle, shiny, (say what?) waves. In fact, if I’d had my hair styled at a salon like that I would’ve been really pleased.

I do tend to spray on loads as hair insurance, (cue Mark flapping his hands around in the morning to cut through the ‘fog’)but I love that even if I get wet, I can still go out afterwards for the evening and look human.


  1. January 26, 2016 / 9:57 pm

    Oh Ann Marie, you’re so naught. Now i want to buy this. I love Kerastase and i agree with you on the Cristaliste range although it did make my hair super shiny. I have flyaway hair, so i might give this a try on my next hair order. Great review x

    • January 28, 2016 / 12:33 pm

      You won’t regret it, although I would love to see your thoughts.

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