REVIEW: JOSH WOOD Radiant Shine Hair Treatment Oil

JOSH WOOD Radiant Shine Hair Treatment Oil

There are about 4 or 5 products from my Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar (make a note for mid November when they hit the shops, they sell out fast), that deserve their own post and this hair treatment oil from Josh Wood is one of them.

I won’t be purchasing a replacement any time soon though, because my 28ml bottle* (the full size is 48ml which costs £12.50), is going to last forever. It’s a dense, viscous-y oil that should be used sparingly. Be aware that the glass bottle can become slippery with use.


The oil is specially developed to help care for your coloured hair, this multi-purpose light weight oil also enhances hair’s natural shine.

Formulated with a bespoke blend of oils, it can be used as a restorative pre-shampoo treatment, as a pre-styling moisture boost and as a finishing product to create a polished glossy look.

Helps nourish and condition your hair.


This is no mere shine serum. I have always said on here when I’m reviewing hair conditioners that they either ‘coat’ the hair or hair ‘sucks’ it up. Hair treatment oils work in much the same way. They lie on top of hair to give it a shiny appearance, and some oils can soak into the hair shaft. Josh Wood’s Radiant Shine Treatment Oil does both.

It’s certainly an excellent overnight hair treatment with its blend of hair penetrating kukui and pracachy oils, plus it has the bonus of having THE most gorgeous fragrance which would I describe as an expensive, richly perfumed essential oil AND bonus, the scent lingers on hair for hours.

The oil also works well on towel dried hair to create a smoother style – although don’t use it with use any other pre-styling moisturising products or it will make hair too slippy or a tad greasy.

If I don’t have time to do an overnight treatment with this oil, I will just warm a drop between my palms and smooth over the ends of my hair. I love to catch a whiff of the delicious scent during the day.


If you’re looking for an overnight hair treatment which works just as well for a fraction of the cost – and doesn’t smell half bad either. Then you really can’t go wrong with gently warming a couple of tablespoons of good quality coconut oil. My favourite brands are Nutiva (decant half into an air tight jar to use as a healthy cooking oil), and Jason’s Smoothing Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (not for cooking with).

Comb oil through hair to the ends (I apply a third down from my roots) and cover with clingfilm and a shower cap to generate a little more heat.  I read a tip that said a blob of leave-in hair conditioner mixed in helps to ‘lock’ the oil in and yes, I’ve found it works even better this way.

Shampoo out in the morning with a non moisturising shampoo, or it’ll take forever to rinse out. Hair is always noticeably softer and shiny after this treatment.

*Loads of people break up the calendar and sell the contents on eBay – nothing wrong with that, it’s a nice little earner. This means you can pick up a 28ml bottle for £4-5.00 safe in the knowledge that it’s a genuine product. A 28ml bottle is plenty.

JOSH WOOD Radiant Shine Hair Treatment Oil 48ml £12.50 Marks & Spencer

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