REVIEW John Frieda Miracle Drops Shine Mask

John Frieda Miracle Drops Shine Mask
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I’m still throwing every conditioning treatment I can at my hair and using Monpure products (paying for them myself, ouch) every three/four weeks. My hair does feel good but my highlights are not behaving.

The grey, well, white really, is coming in thick and fast but is now combined with dark brown roots. Trying to weave highlights in between these shades and still keep it looking semi-natural is tricky. To cap it off there’s no real shine on my hair and it’s still looking a bit dull.



John Frieda Miracle Drops

John Frieda’s Miracle Drops is a hair mask line which offers tailored treatments to help address your unique hair care concerns.

Each hair mask is formulated with a unique combination of ingredients and technologies to transform frizzy, blonde, dull, or damaged hair so you can be at your best. From smoothing frizz and damage to bringing out the vibrancy of your hair colour.

Our easy-to-use hair masks only take 5 minutes to deeply nourish your locks. After shampooing, apply any of our masks to wet or damp hair, and then rinse out after 5 minutes.

I was introduced to the John Frieda Miracle Drops hair masks via the Blonde Brightening mask. Now, it definitely does work and my highlights did ‘pop’ but I felt it dried my hair out when I used it on a weekly basis.

The three masks above are back in stock in Boots online. There is a 3-for-1 offer across lots of haircare and 10% off a £10.00 spend. I’m keen to try the damage repair one.

Seven of these sachets (and I’ve seen people scoop them up in huge bundles) would normally cost £17.43 but with the discounts offered it would be £11.21 (at 1/10/22) Boots *

I spotted the Shine Infusing mask at Superdrug. It’s still not in stock at Boots and it doesn’t even appear on the official John Frieda website either, so it must be very new.Shine Infusing

This powerful shine-infusing hair mask with liquid crystals begins to transform your dull, lacklustre locks into a shimmering, illuminated look. Suitable for all hair types.

Upfront, I will say I do not like the scent of this product. Everyone else thinks it’s fine but to me, it smells a little bit cloying and artificial. I could detect it when blow drying but thankfully, it doesn’t linger on the hair when it’s dried.

I can eek two full treatments out of the sachet with a tiny bit left over to mix with another conditioner.

I left it on for five minutes as directed. When I was rinsing it off it didn’t feel particularly smooth. Sometimes hair mask works instantly but this felt nothing special.

Drying my hair was a different matter, I could actually see the shine coming through. My hair was silky and swishy.

Here are photos of my hair after conditioning with the Shine Infusing mask.

Hopefully, you can see that my hard work getting my hair into tip-top condition is starting to pay off. The top four or five inches of hair growth are strong and healthy and you can see where the previous damage begins further down. Even then the damage isn’t that bad, I think most of it comes from the claw clips my hairdresser tells me not to use. If only banana clips would come back into fashion, I lived in those in the 80s.

Oh, if you’re wondering if that’s breakage you can see at the top, it’s actually new white hair coming through, tough and unruly and kinky.


John Frieda Miracle Drops Shine Mask

John Frieda Miracle Drops Shine Mask

I suppose my hair colour doesn’t look too horrendous here, but if I don’t wash my hair every day – which obviously I don’t as I’m a once-a-week gal now, it tends to veer towards brassiness, it wants to be yellow.

DAY 2 Still shiny

John Frieda Miracle Drops Shine Mask

DAY 3 Note the yellow tone creeping in.

John Frieda Miracle Drops Shine Mask

I thought my hair might be greasy the next day, but it was smooth and still shiny which lasted three full days. Leaving the mask on for only five minutes (avoiding the roots) seems to be the key to stopping the hair from becoming greasy.

It’s notoriously difficult to get a shine on blonde hair, never mind white hair which doesn’t have any pigment, so I’m very happy to have discovered this product. I just need to stock up. If you’ve got dark hair then I can almost guarantee a mirror shine.

My only question is, what the heck are liquid crystals?


John Frieda Miracle Drops Shine 25ml £2.49 Superdrug

Other Miracle Drops are available at Boots *

*Affiliate link

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