REVIEW GLOSSIER Stretch Concealer

GLOSSIER Stretch Concealer
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I finally got around to trying out the famed Glossier Stretch Concealer. There was a 20% off promotion on the Glossier website so I thought I’d give it a whirl and see what all the fuss was about.

GLOSSIER Stretch Concealer

A concealer that flexes to fit your needs.
A buildable concealer that covers everything from dark circles to blemishes and redness, with a dewy, glowy finish.

  • Adaptable mineral pigments give a brightening effect and blend seamlessly into skin for natural-looking coverage
  • Elastic micro waxes move with your skin instead of caking on top of it
  • Comes in 12 shades developed to enhance and—most importantly—disappear into a wide range of skin tones


This is for you if you’re looking for a buildable concealer, not a heavy-duty one.

It has a soft, silky texture with light to medium coverage.

The slight satin sheen finish works really well to brighten under-eye circles – but only if you use a corrector first to cancel out the darkness first.

My favourite one is Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector (review here). It’s a dense, yellow formula that only takes one dab (and the lightest of light blending) applied to the inner corners of the eye and under-eye circles to neutralise blue-purple darkness.

I use my fingertips to apply the product, I can’t get into the habit of using a brush, I find them a little scratchy. I  wonder if a long-handled foam applicator would be easier?

I did try to use Stretch on its own, but it’s so thin and takes so much building up that it began to settle into my fine lines. In fact, it actually made my normally immovable MAC Stubborn Brown Pointpower eyeliner pencil smudge – unforgivable.

To be fair, any product with a satin finish is going to emphasise lines if it’s not set with powder. The skin around the eye area is thin and delicate and too much layering is asking for trouble on mature skin.

Covering light pigmentation and blemishes on your face is a different matter and Stretch comes into its own here.

Apply thin layers, gently buff and it will melt into the skin. Again, keep well away from opens pores because the delicate sheen will emphasise texture, a matte concealer is much more forgiving. Younger, smoother skin though will love this.

The 14.8g eco-friendly glass pot is going to last forever, mine still looks brand new.

The ‘Find your shade’ link on the official Glossier website was really useful with four photographs of skin colour examples for each of the twelve shades. They were even a few men thrown in there too, no one under 30 though…

I chose shade G11 for my fair, cool-toned, prone to redness, mature skin (bit of a mouthful) and it’s an exact match. You can even send Glossier a photo and they will match your skin tone to your perfect concealer.

In fact, the colour match is so good I’m thinking of buying their Perfecting Skin Tint.

Perfecting Skin Tint

The dewy finish claim is bothering me a bit because of the satin sheen, but I feel I’m being sucked in by reviews from older women. Also, it’s £20.00 for 30ml which seems reasonable, especially considering the concealer is £15.00.

Great for older skin too

First of all searched reviews for over 60, there weren’t any so I decided I must review. I’m 70 and yes I know, out of Glossier’s regular demographic. I have tried so many foundations and have never been able to find a good match and a good texture. As you get older especially you do not want that heavy look. It just emphasizes the lines and wrinkles. At the same this it is nice to have something that evens you out and protects your skin. I was sceptical about finding a colour match online as I have had so many failures at matching in the stores.

I used the pictures, found someone with a similar complexion to mine and just went for it. I was amazed to find the match was perfect. After application, it seemed ok, walked away for a few minutes then looked again, my skin just looked good. This is far and away the best I’ve ever used and very reasonably priced.

Less is more

I’m 59. I’ve learned that heavy makeup on older skin is not a good look. I take really good care of my skin using lots of vitamin C serum, sunscreen, and moisturiser (me too). I steer clear of bad chemicals and fragrance laden products and I will only buy cruelty-free products.

I bought the perfecting skin tint, stretch concealer and boy brow combo. Honestly, it looks as if I’m wearing no makeup, but my skin looks amazing. It seems these days that everything is marketed to young women, but there are loads of people like me who want to keep looking pretty and polished without looking made up. Also, the price point for the set was close to what I’ve spent in past on a single product. 

Love this!

I’m 57, so most foundations settle in my wrinkles, or look cakey on my skin. But I have rosacea, so I need some coverage. This is the perfect answer! The foundation is super light, but with the concealer, in the exact shade I can just touch up where I need it. And my skin looks more luminous than it has in years.

In fairness, there are some reviews that say it’s too sheer and settles into lines, but £20.00 and I know my perfect shade. I’m tempted.

Buy the tint and concealer together and it’s £29.00 instead of £35.00. – wish I’d known that earlier.

GLOSSIER Stretch Concealer £15.00 14.8g Glossier *

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